There are so many ridiculous things that pet owners do to their dogs – dress them up, seat them in highchairs at the dinner table, teach them how to sing – but my favorite has to be putting random food items on their heads. Whoever first came up with the idea of training their dog to stay still while placing random food products on their head is absolutely insane, but it does make for some funny photos.

Don’t deny the cuteness. Just enjoy this gallery of dogs with food on their head, gathered from blogs like foodonmydog, petswithfoodontheirheads andĀ thingsondogs, all whom exist with the sole purpose of bringing us adorable pictures like these.

  • Smashley Evans

    pizza dog and taco dog look like the same dog

  • Smashley Evans

    but cheese doodle dog it my fav

  • Andrea Rae

    Got to say I love the dog with the spaghetti! Although the cheese puffs and the dog on a dog also made me giggle!

  • Rose Takeda

    The eyebrows of a cheese snack?
    How foppish! by arch eyebrows!

  • Border Hack Collie

    vow wow!

  • Rose Takeda

    to post a comment

  • Amy Authbert

    the apple one is totally fake

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