I don’t know what it is about dressing up our pets or putting food on their heads that is so funny, but there is just something about animals doing things out of the ordinary that just makes you want to “AWWWW!”

And today’s gallery is no exception. Dogs wearing top hats. Lucky for us, there is an entire Tumblr dedicated to just that.

So take a minute and tip your hat to these regal ruff-ians (OH. This is only the first of many puns. Brace yourselves. it’s about to get ugly). I dare you not to “AWWWW!” at these.

*All photos via Dogs In Top Hats. All horrible puns via me. Sorry I’m so not sorry.


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  1. This is adorable!!

  2. This was a desktop background MUST! Every time I look at it I smile. And everyone needs to smile right? :)

  3. That first dog with the ‘stache brought tears to my eyes. If that dog is ever anywhere within my sight, its owner better freaking run. That thing is getting STOLEN otherwise. Oh God, thank you HelloGiggles.