These dogs recreated fashion magazine covers—and they look gorgeous

In the name of all things beautiful and heartwarming, Polish nonprofit organization Po Psu Ta Moda has combined adorable dogs, fashion, and philanthropy. (We’d like more of this, please.)

Firstly, the animal-loving group decided to redesign magazine covers from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. But instead of using popular supermodels or world-renowned celebrities as their muses, they used . . . wait for it . . . lovable shelter dogs!

To give these animals the pampering they deserve, they dressed them up in high fashion ensembles. Between the avant-garde costumes and their adorable faces, we cannot get enough! We don’t know about you, but we would definitely purchase more magazines if these friendly faces were the cover models.

Most importantly, this idea was brought to life so that these canines can find a home. In order to promote adoption and to showcase these precious pooches, Po Psu Ta Moda decided to catch the eye of potential adopters by presenting shelter dogs in all their glamorous glory.

And so far? It’s been working! According to the nonprofit’s Facebook page, several of these fashionable dogs have found a forever home. Honestly, this is the happiest of all the happy endings and we truly hope that this organization keeps up the amazing work!

Now, it’s time for the pup fashion show . . .



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[Images via Facebook]

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