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This new app is our dream and let's us borrow dogs! Weeeee!

Fun-loving human seeks an afternoon in the park with four-legged bundle of joy. Likes: bacon, ball throwing, clothes coated in pet hair. Oh, and bacon. Dislikes: my landlord’s no-pets policy. 

People love dogs. Dogs love people. In a perfect world, people and dogs would cohabitate and share bacon and everything would be perfect forever and ever. Spoiler alert: the world is not perfect. (I know. Ugh.) But now there’s an app that lets you borrow a dog and bask in the glory of puppy kisses and wagging tails while still managing not to get kicked out of your no-pets domicile. Bark’N’Borrow lets you create an online profile specifying the type of dog you’re looking for (big, small, outgoing, calm. . . you name it) and matches you with canines in your area who are up for a play-date. We think it’s pretty genius. It’s for sure the best technology news we’ve heard for animal lovers since UberKittens

We totally get why someone would want to borrow a dog (there are literally a million good reasons . . . at least), but why would a pet owner want to loan out their best friend? There are actually tons of good reasons for this, too. Maybe their dog needs more one-on-one person time than they can fit into their schedule. Maybe they’re spending the night out and want to let Fido go on a fun sleepover instead of spending the night in a kennel. Maybe they just want to connect with other dog-loving humans.  

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