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So, Doctor Who's next Doctor could be a woman

BBC’s sci-fi series Doctor Who has been known for making surprising changes through the course of its 50-plus year run. Now, with the twelfth Doctor in the TARDIS, there is another potential change that could be on the way. Until now, every incarnation (read: version) of the Lord of Time has been a man. But, according to BBC One’s Charlotte Moore, the next Doctor may be a woman. She recently sat down with RadioTimes and discussed the future of Doctor Who’s main character.

“Peter Capaldi is a fantastic Doctor, and he’s broken the mould,” she explained. “But, I’d never put a bar on [a female Doctor]. The great thing about Doctor Who is that anything is possible.”

The current showrunner, Steven Moffat, is known for taking Doctor Who and spinning it in unexpected directions. Like Charlotte Moore, he has left the door wide open for a woman as The Doctor. In an interview earlier this year, Moffat said although a woman Doctor is not necessarily inevitable, it is surely possible. Right now, the current Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is only in his second season as The Doctor, so it could will probably be a while before Mr. Moffat offers up any more information about the eventual thirteenth Doctor.

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