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Doctor Who Is Back, Redux

As you may know, I am a Whovian, aka a person who is a Doctor Who fan. Now, while I haven’t been watching Doctor Who for 50 years, I’m still excited for what Steven Moffat and the whole Doctor Who gang has in store for the 50th anniversary this year. So I was especially excited when I read on Nerdist about what the Royal Mail is doing to honor Doctor Who: issuing 11 stamps, each displaying a Doctor. If I lived in England, I’d so be getting a few of these.

But anyway, you know what this means, right? The Doctor is back. New season, new companion. On Christmas Eve we met the new companion, again. And we (SPOILER ALERT) lost her again. But wait, did we?

So here are five things I am looking forward to this season:

1. The Girl Twice Dead

Amy Pond was The Girl Who Waited. Every companion, to me, has a second name. With our new companion, Clara Oswin Oswald, we have seen her die twice, so therefore to me, she is The Girl Twice Dead. What will we learn about her when the season returns in full swing?

2. New Season, New Pals

Vastra, the Lizard Lady. Jenny, her wife. And Strax. They’re like the Three Musketeers, trying to help the Doctor get back into the groove. I really hope they join for the whole season. Vastra is badass. She is smart and fearless and also cares about the Doctor. What Time Lord wouldn’t want her around?

3. Bowties are still cool.

What is the Doctor without his bowtie? Or his silly fez? Or OMG, his Stetson! What fashion accessory will he add to his repertoire this season?

4. Number Eleven Himself

We all expected the Doctor to be super sad after The Fall of The Ponds. I mean, of course. He loved Amy Pond. He loved Rory. But I’m happy Victorian-era Clara was able to distract the Doctor for a moment. Will this last? Can the Doctor come back from his great loss?

5. It’s Smaller On The Outside

Whenever a person steps into the TARDIS, they always note that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. But what I’m really excited about is to see the renovated TARDIS. It changed! And we got a little peak, but not enough. What else has changed within the TARDIS?

So that’s just 5 things. What else can we expect? I don’t know and I can’t wait to find out.

Image via StampMagazine