Champagne Problems

Do You Keep Your Personal Life… Personal?

Thanks to social media and the disappearance of pagers (which was messages delivered via numbers, for you tweens), the idea of keeping one’s personal life, well, actually personal is somewhat, if not totally, non-existent. Exhibit A: Everything your friends or acquaintances actually know about you, they have most likely read before it came out of your mouth. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook updates or via text (because we rarely have the time to sit down for a cup o’ joe and dish on life and where it’s going in an intimate setting), we rely on mass information to mass audiences to, as we put it, soften the blow of conversation. You hear people say it all the time: “I hate talking on the phone.” Well, as much you ‘hate it’, you are most likely later in the week going to complain that everyone knows too much of your business and wonder why are they talking about you. Well, darling face, perhaps if you took the time to discuss life with 4-5 intimate friends in a private setting as opposed to a massive cattle call of “who, what, where”, you will find personal life issues are to be just that – personal.

As out in the open as I tend to be in Champagne Problems or comedy in general, my friends will tell you that I am a box of secrets. Now, is that good? Sometimes. Although other times, my close friends feel I don’t tell them enough about what’s going on and they find things out weeks later, or sometimes never at all, which is bothersome. Is that intentional on my end? Perhaps. Perhaps I am being cautious. Perhaps I don’t think its anyone’s business. Or more, perhaps I am still getting my footing on my mid-20s life and before I discuss it with others, I would rather let it marinate for some time until I have a clear concise idea of what it is, exactly.

I was never the type of girl that gossiped. Or the type of girl that talked about who she kissed and where. Mabye it’s the tomboy nature in me, but I just wasn’t brought up in a way that freely allowed me to spew facts about my kissy-kiss time to people. Now, get my intimate friends in a cordial private setting and I’m sure I’ll spill it out, if I see a fitting time. But for me, keeping my personal life actually personal is truly the one thing I value in this crazy world of real NUTTERS. And you will thank me for not barking in your ear every time I have a crush or smooch some dude that doesn’t have a job and only transports via a skateboard. So, technically, you’re welcome.



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