Champagne ProblemsDo You Believe In Yourself Enough?JC Coccoli

That is the glorious question of the day. Do you? Think about it. Really sit back and think, “Do I believe in myself? Am I the kind of person that deserves success?” I have to say, regardless of how happy-go-lucky Momma Bear (I’m Momma Bear) is, there are times when my nagging negative ego will strike my positive affirmations down until I literally second guess everything about myself.

Now, you’re thinking, “But, JC there is nothing I can do about that. It’s just how my mind works.” Nay. Nay, I say. That is not how your mind works. In fact, you, and only you control your mind and just like any muscle you must train, you must train your brain and your heart to be the best it can actually be in the end. The answer? Change your perspective…perhaps over coffee.  Go on. Change it now. I know you can. I have seen it happen before. Not just in movies but inside the soul of a real life human, dang it. You can make your dreams come true, all you have to do is say it out loud. And mean it. Don’t text it to anyone; actually say the words. You can walk into a room and fill it with love when you are terrified. This simple action will change your world. You can be kind to others, forgive them and even, dare I say,  you can forget and not be a doormat, but a higher being that has found the answer so many of us try and fight.

So make it happen, today. Don’t wait another second. If some says you can’t, say you already have. When you think you aren’t good enough, find a mirror and admit that you’re not good enough, but in fact, you are greater than. Do this today, tomorrow and, forever. Never stop believing that you can change your ego’s mindset from negative Nancy to Positive Paula (or something more clever.) You’re a star!

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  • Alycia Lourim

    oh geez you are hilarious. but this really inspired. ive been working on this a lot recently, trying to change my perspective and this gave me an extra push for today and hopefully to continue working on it after that. one day at a time though right? thanks :) xoxo

  • Freya H Dub

    I super needed that today :) I have an interview tomorrow for an internship that I really want because it’ll be my first step towards the career of my DREAMS.

  • Mel Blossom

    Ha “Loneliness is a gift- I’m grateful”- I love it! Very funny :)

  • Mel Blossom

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