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DO Wear Black & Brown

Tackling two more Twitter questions today… here we go!

@jessihaish  brown and black! Fashion do or taboo? I’ve never had anyone agree!

@crtnyjcksn how to… wear brown and black together.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: FORGET THE FASHION RULES! Now, this does not mean you should run amok and dress ridiculously, but you should forget about matching and instead think of complimenting.

Fashion rules are dated and hurt more than help. Instead of just going for what feels good or what looks great, people are constantly worried they are going to break a rule and stop themselves from being creative with fashion. Here are some fashion rules you should IGNORE:

  • Don’t wear Black and Brown
  • Don’t wear Black and Navy
  • Match your shoes and purse
  • Don’t mix patterns
  • Don’t wear white after Labor Day (already tackled this one here)

Now, to answer our Twitter questions…

I especially dislike fashion rules that have to do with colors. Black and brown can absolutely work and look incredibly chic when paired. The trick is the shade of brown you wear. Black is black, so go for shades of brown that are medium-dark to light and/or textured. Doing this will play up the contrast between the two colors. If you’re still nervous about the combo, try wearing one color as your main and the other as an accent, like a black dress with a brown belt. Another option is an item that combines the two colors itself; a brown and black dress, purse or shoes. My favorite pair of boots mixes brown and black leather!

Here are some looks that wonderfully combine black and brown. Use them as inspiration or shop the look by clicking the links. Happy Dressing!

  1. Asos Twist & Tango Leather Bell Skirt $192
  2. Forever 21 Striped Skirt $8.50
  3. Jeffrey Campbell Boots $185
  4. Asos Bow Collared Dress $64
  5. Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Faux Leather Jacket $69
  6. Urban Outfitters Cooperative Tote Bag $69
  7. Madewell Striped Lamppost Sweater Dress $138
  8. Madewell Silk Safari Shirt Dress $168
  • Victor Saltykov

    you should be on streetiquete

  • Dana Boone

    What do you pair navy with? I never know what color shoes to choose!

  • Viviane Bressan Formentin

    Awesome! To me fashion is all about breaking the norms and being creative.

  • Mackenzie Barrow Warren

    just happened to be wearing brown and black today! good timing haha

  • Jen Weasley

    Love that shirt dress from Madewell! Going to the Alexa Chung for Madewell launch party at South Coast tomorrow night 😀

  • Carolina Ortiz Rosso

    I used to think wearing black and brown was super taboo (mostly because my mother completely prohibited me from doing so) but like 4 years ago I was feeling lazy and paired tan shoes with a black dress and since then, I think I wear black and brown at least two times a week.

  • Grasie Mercedes

    love all the comments! thanks ladies. yes, have fun with fashion!!!!!! woot.

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