Champagne Problems

Do dudes have dealbreakers?

Do dudes have a laundry list of turn offs the way chickadees do? I’m asking for a friend – JK. I’m the friend. I mean, I’m me (your friend). And I am genuinely curious if men have a list at all when it comes to what is unappealing about a women when you are dating them. Why I say that is because I find myself and other chickadees naming about a billion deal breakers about a guy at every turn and most times, men will have one or two, maybe. So I need to know, guys. GUYS! Are you out there? What are your deal breakers? You can tell me, I’m great at secrets. Is it a talkative chick (gulp), a confident chick (double gulp, sorta?) or maybe it’s that I wear those weird, ugly shoes you hate? (Triple gulp. And that’s rude.)

All I know is, things like not opening the door for a girl and letting her split the tab with you are becoming way too present in the world of dating. I’m sorry, man – I throw my card down on dates one through three to be polite, and what you are supposed to do if you ever plan on seeing my special spot is politely say, “Thank you but I’ve got this.” Not all the time, but in the beginning stages. Yes, please. And, if you can’t do that then you need to come up some creative/free way to court a dame. Somewhere, somebody’s dad is slipping up on guiding their little slugger through the world of mating.

Women don’t need much and if they do, it’s because you are attracted to a woman that does. In Los Angeles, we fight the good fight and settle left and right out of fear of being an opossum lady (that’s the new cat lady).  But let’s go ahead and make list now of what exactly are some top “please, please do” in the twilight zone that is dating.

1. Pick me up (in a car, not on a bicycle, please lord).
2. Pay for the first couple of courting sessions (ie: never let her split the tab).
3. Be sweet and responsive and real. (None of this vague communication nonsense. Who has the time, weirdo?!)
4. You can’t text for 5 days straight then go radio silent, it’s confusing.
5. If you’re dating other people, that’s cool, but don’t treat some great and others like poop.
6. Be a man. A real man that’s confident and kind (like Channing Tatum in Step Up).

See ya!


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  • Alicia Collins

    With all the group hangs and day-dating, the lines are definitely blurred. But you have to mention the fact that most of us are not making much money. So I’m not sold on the idea of the guy paying for everything. Manners, kindness and intelligence is the most important factor.

  • Alicia Collins

    *are. Stupid typos. Stupid chubby fingers.

  • Enrique Diaz Maldonado

    Yo ya hice de todo: 1- funny pictures 2- saludos de buenas noches 3- Saludos de buenos dias 4- preguntas 5- Flores y un globo de feliz cumpleaños 6- ya no se que mas hacer!!!!

    Resultado: 0 !! ni la hora !! hahaha ! no se si reir o llorar !!

    p.d: Soy de Cordoba, Argentina ! Ella, de los Angeles pero esta viviendo en NY ! si supiera lo dificil que fue encontrar la direccion de ella en NY encima alquila, imaginensen!

  • Ivar Johansson

    If I could choose to be like a fictional movie character I feel like I would have done that by now. I’ve never seen step up so for all i know Channing based his character on me :p Don’t you think letting men pay for an entire date is old fashioned? Where I come from it would be considered quite bad form for a girl to allow that to happen.

    • Annie Hatmaker

      Where do you come from? I am from Tennessee and if the girl pays at the first few hang outs, it’s not really a date. If a guy is not willing to pay the ten extra dollars for a meal or movie, then clearly the relationship is not a priority for him. I think some traditions should be upheld, at least at first. If the couple has dated for a while, splitting the bill would definitely be an option–no need for the man to feel pressured to spend extra money all the time or for the woman to feel incapable of paying.

      • Ivar Johansson

        Im Irish. I totally understand your point of view, it is traditional and it is a nice thing to do. I just don’t see women as people that need to be taken care of and I imagine they wouldn’t care to be thought of that way. I would pay for some things and if she wants to pay for something else I would let her do that – I would pay for dinner if she wants to pay for drinks or a movie afterwards or whatever I don’t see anything wrong with that. It doesn’t mean I don’t care about the date or the relationship, I wouldn’t be there if I didn’t. :)

  • Carson Moore

    It is old fashioned. And that’s why women love it and expect it. By women, I mean me. I guess I can’t speak for everyone but I will say that the willingness of a man to foot the bill is an indication of how much he cares about the date. And I need to know that my man will be able to support my love for cupcakes.

  • Nicole Perrie

    I think whoever asks the other out on the date should pay…

  • Meredith Barrett

    I think people should be spontaneous and let the chips fall where they may. I’ve paid for the entire evening before without batting an eyelash, because the previous time he had treated me to dinner, drinks, a movie, a stuffed animal, etc. Who cares who pays? Are you having fun? Then you’re doing it right.

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