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Update a plain candle with wrapping paper. This is an inexpensive way to make a gift for the holiday season using luxury wrapping paper. These candles run about $1.00 each and can be found at most local craft stores. Simply choose the wrapping pattern of your choice, cut-out paper, then glue on. This DIY project will take you about 5 minutes per candle to complete. Just think about it… In 30 minutes, you can have 6 original gifts for friends and family this holiday season. Happy crafting!

Things you will need

Step 1: Measure the candle

Step 1 candle

Step 2:

Trace measurement
Cut out
Spray with adhesive

Step 2 candle

Step 3:

Line up around candle
Wrap candle
Smooth out paper

Step 3 candle full wrap finish

Step 4: Bands

Draw lines in different sizes and thickness
Cut out bands

Step 4 Candle band

Step 5:

Line up bands
Spray with adhesive
Continue to wrap candle

step 5 candle bands finish

Step 6: Designer Bands

Repeat previous steps-use same measurements
Draw out lines in different thickness and size
Cut out with designer scissors

Step 6 candle bands cut

Step 7: Finish

Spray adhesive

Wrap bands at different placement

Step 7 candle

Candle finished

Finished Candles


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  1. Sorry for the error Chrissy. Trying to correct it. Thanks for the tip!
    @helena VERY funny!

  2. @chrissy: you’re right, spelling errors are an absolute no go. but what does “cut idea” mean?

  3. Cut idea, but, ladies, please, spell check does not equal proofreading. Should be a “plain” candle not a “plane” candle.

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