Instant Camera DIY Wall Decor!

My friend Jenni from ISpyDIY informed me of her new favorite purchase and a fantastic party conversation starter, Fugifilm Instax210 Instant camera. With stacks of film mounting, she was looking for a fun way to display her memories (and fill a blank wall in her room).

What you need:
– Black ribbon
– Thumbtacks
– Clothespins
Fugifilm Instax210

Do it:
1. First, cut 4 pieces of ribbon (equal in length) and use the push pins to secure to you wall
2. You may need to use a ruler to evenly space the 4 pieces of ribbon
3. Hang the photos using clothes pins, binder clips, or paper clips.
4. Cover your entire wall!

And voila! A blank wall now filled with tons of fun memories!

Enjoy and to find out about more DIY projects be sure to peep I SPY DIY!

xoxo @MissGallo

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