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Some people assume that if you are in the acting profession, you are also automatically super paid and can buy whatever you want and be generally decadent and carefree around town. NOT SO. This is especially apparent when it comes to getting furniture upholstered – that shiz is EXPENSIVE.

So, if you’re a lady/gentleman on a budget and you want to make your house/apartment dope and extravagant without spending all of your precious, precious coconut water dollars, try this ridiculously simple DIY project:


I know what you’re thinking. You’re like, “Dennings, upholstery is a job best left to professionals.” And I’m like, “Shhhhh. Open your heart.”


I skipped this step initially because I thought I was a magical unicorn and would “just know” how much fabric I needed when the fabric store employee laid it out for cutting. Needless to say, I was that person in line going, “Six yards… wait, that’s a lot, right?
Four yards. No wait, okay if I have…wait.”


I like to mix patterns, so I got a few different but complementary fabrics to alternate on my couch and chair cushions. You can obviously use the same fabric for everything, but I’m just throwing that option out there. As Bob Ross would say, “You can do
anything you want to do in your world.”

You heard me. I got a pack of 40 and used almost all of them, so if you have a lot of cushions to cover you might want to pick up extras.

Lay the cut fabric pattern side down on the floor or another flat work surface. Place your cushion in the middle, back side up.

Pull the fabric up and fold tightly around the cushion. Pin each fold in place. Take your time and use as many folds as you need. MAKE SURE THE PINS ARE SECURELY FASTENED, otherwise you will end up with a Couch Of Pain (C.O.P).

Repeat with each cushion.

That’s all there is to it, Crafty Pants! You have transformed this:

Into this:

And if you have throw pillows:


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  • Rory Flynn

    measure? measuring is for wimps.

  • Katrina Mahnke

    LOVE THIS and the fact that you quote Bob Ross is even better. Love him.

  • Kelsey Taylor

    I love this!! My boyfriend has the ugliest dining chair cushions… they’re like a nasty dirty 70’s orange, and they’re impossible to replace because they’re such an odd size! I am definitely going to be trying this out. Love!

  • Kelsey Taylor

    to post a comment

  • Michelle Hamill

    Hmm, I have a fabulously comfy chair that is also incredibly ugly. I don’t sew so I think I might just try this!

  • Mariza Rodriguez

    Oh thank heavens something that doesn’t invole a sewing machine. It is my dream to be able to use one properly, but these little hands just ain’t got it. I can not wait to try this out!!

  • Danielle Dula Stenberg

    I took a sheet with a bunch of cakes, candies and ice-cream sundae in pink and recovered mt daughters armed chair in her room. Looks great and I used a hot glue gun. Wish I could post a pic it looks so yummy and perfect! Thanks for the idea of a less permeant way. You can change your sofa with your moods!<3 it!

  • Erma Basila

    Of all the crafts/DIY/sewing I’ve done, I am not brave enough to upholster a cushion. I don’t know why. I salute you!

  • Miranda Robertson

    Kat, I thought that you were piss funny in Thor and now I learn that you have awesome couch cushions. One day I will be as cool as you. (I hope)

  • Courteney Jones

    Kat Dennings, this was very informative. Speaking of upholstery, do you remember the time I sold you groceries in downtown Orlando? Because I do.

  • Ali Berry

    Only a magical unicorn could make reupholstering look so easy.

    (Reupholstering is a weird word.)

  • Giovannie Espiritu

    Thanks for the DIY tip! Can you post pics of your before/after couch transformation?

  • Frank Fraone


  • Tracee Tibbitts

    kat dennings: a modern picasso

  • Kristine Songco

    Haha great post, if only for the shameless unicorn plug. I’ve tried this and a hot glue gun also works if you don’t trust safety pins.

  • Lauren Alvarez

    omg I love this . This site is the best for lazy girl diy. I hate putting a lot of effort into making something. I prefer it to “just happen magically”. Thank you for bringing a bit of that magic into my living room!
    Now if only someone would post how to make a DIY Fancy headboard out of cardboard, cloth , and batting…

    • Emili Naish

      Fun Idea! I wanna try it! It would probably work well as long as you secure it to the wall Via thumbtacks…

  • Marissa A. Ross

    This is great! BEYOND stoked to see you contributing Kat! I feel like I am a part of the best girls club in the universe.

  • Tina Lynn

    kat dennings is the best! this is amazing! i am gonna try!

  • Ruci Kafka

    Kat Dennings, you are a cool actress and also now I will upholster things.

  • Sarah Craig


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