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DIY: Update An Old Frame Two Ways

Picture frames and framed art are some of the most common decorating elements people use in their homes. So why not update those frames around you with some moss or create a jewelry organizer with some wire mesh?! The moss DIY is a great way to highlight your memories in a “living” frame; it also makes a cute wedding table number display. The wire mesh jewelry frame is truly functional and ornamental, my favorite combo!

Framed Wire Mesh Jewelry Organizer

What You Need:

  • An old frame – just the surround not the inner glass or backing.
  • Optional: paint or gold leaf etc. and brushes of your choice to update the color of the frame
  • Galvanized wire mesh or chicken wire from the hardware or gardening supply store.
  • Wire cutters
  • Staple gun – electric or manual and staples
  • Ornament hooks or wire and pliers to make hooks for your necklaces

Do It:

  1. Size the wire mesh to the back of your frame. You want enough room to be able to staple it to the back but not too much that it overlaps over the edge. You can always trim.
  2. Cut your wire mesh to size with the wire cutters.
  3. Staple your wire mesh to the back of your frame with your staple gun
  4. Trim any excess wire mesh
  5. Optional step: paint, gold leaf, or decoupage your frame to update the look from the front.
  6. Hang it on your wall or prop it up on your dresser and hang your jewelry on the mesh! You can use ornament hooks, or make your own ‘S’ hooks with wire and pliers, to hang necklaces and rings, etc

Living Moss Frame

What You Need:

  • A package or two of dried moss from your local crafts store or online.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • An old frame that needs an update

Do It:

  1. Simply glue small tufts of the moss around your frame in the design of your choice. You can leave parts of the frame showing or cover the whole thing for ultimate plushness.
  2. Display on your table or shelf and enjoy!

Happy DIYing and let me know if you have any questions!

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