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Wine is always the go-to gift for dinner parties, etc. (fancy olive oil or sparkling juice is a great non-alcoholic option). I keep a stockpile of vino for quickie gifts when we go over to someone’s house, it’s just a nice gesture, right!? This holiday season take your host/hostess gifts to the next level with a pair of socks! New socks, please! I’m all about vintage and thrift but draw the line at socks and undies – so get some new fuzzy warm socks to keep on hand for this DIY. I got these in a pack of 3 from Walgreens for cheap!

What You Need:

  • A bottle of something special (doesn’t have to be wine, a nice olive oil, balsamic or sparkling juice is great too!)
  • A pair of cozy socks
  • A card (I used a post card folded in half)
  • Tag cut from a paper bag, if you want more decoration
  • Ribbons, wraphia, twine, etc. whatever you have on hand
  • Hold punch
  • Scissors

Do It:

  1. Use one sock to clothe your bottle of wine
  2. Use your other sock to tie as a bow tie around the bottle neck – tie it in one knot and tuck the ends in to make a bow shape.
  3. Cut your tag and ribbons, write your card and punch holes in your cards/tags for the ribbon
  4. Wrap your ribbons around the bottle neck and secure your cards to the ribbon through the holes – tie a bow to secure.



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  1. This is kind of cute!!!

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