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DIY Sharpie Tie Die

I love this Sharpie tie die DIY from The Art Girl Jackie blog! She did it with her adorable daughter and I think it’s a fun inspiration for this Spring and upcoming music festival season. Use this technique to spruce up your ratty t-shirts or maybe a pair of of cut off shorts. For another idea, check out how to spruce up your clothes with DIY leopard print here!

What You Need:

  • Pre-washed white or light colored t-shirt
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Liquid dropper or medicine dropper
  • Small plastic cup(s)
  • Rubber bands
  • Variety of colored Sharpies

Do It!:

  1.  Choose a spot to start and put your cup in right side up and secure a rubber band around the cup rim holding the shirt tightly in place.
  2. Pick your colors and create a small design in the center of the stretched circle. Keep your designs to the size of a quarter or half dollar because the alcohol will make the colors spread out a lot.
  3. Using your dropper drip approximately 10 drops of rubbing alcohol in the center of your design and watch the colors spread.
  4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 in different places on your piece of clothing to get your ideal design.
  5. Heat set the colors by tossing the shirt in the dryer for a while before wearing.

Photos and DIY via The Art Girl Jackie

  • Linda McCormick

    I am pinning this to my Pinterest..You have inspired me!!! thanks! 😀 Love it!

  • Cindy Hartnett

    Best Idea!!!! Thanks!!!!

  • Kristi Blackmer

    How does it do in the washer? Do the colors bleed or leak? That’s my only concern. Otherthan that, I am excited to try this! :)

  • JoEllen Kaiser

    Awesome Idea!!! Can’t wait to try it!! I LOVE CRAFTY PEOPLE!!!!

  • Jo Annie Chiebeton

    I’m guessing do it the way you’d normally wash a shirt with questionable dye: Rinse in salt water first? though I imagine the dryer-heat setting will “cure” it. Just DON”T get near it with that sanitizing gel stuff ~ that’s what you use to remove marker stains from stuff!

  • Lynne Hosmer

    @Kristi Blackmer I would think the colors should be ok, think about how hard it is to get sharpie out of anything. Those shout color catchers work pretty well if you still concerned.

  • Carrol Creech Aizenman

    Did this with my 6 yr old granddaughter this weekend. We had such a good time & she came up with some unusual designs. I had done a practice shirt & washed it & there was no problem with colors fading.

  • Charlene Billow

    This is such an amazing idea, so much easier to do with a large group of girls as apposed to traditional tye-dye … thank you for the amazing project to share with the girls and Girl Scout troop!

  • Jeni Stansbury-Clark

    As a long time tye dyer and flower child, I have a suggestion. You might do well to soak the garments in soda ash and let completely dry before dying. That way when you go to wash the garment (always in cold water) the colors will be steadfast. Fun technique. We will try this at our tye dye party!

  • Loretta Sherfield

    This is a great idea for quilt squares. Would regular cotton fabric work, or does it have to be a knit?

  • Hilah Mae

    Totally using this to make pretty underwear

  • Nancy Atkinson-Heyman

    Looks likes a fun project to does with my granddaughter.

  • Pamella Moore

    I tried doing this project before I do it with several girls and the design I did on the t shirt pretty much stayed and it didn’t spread much at all. I tried several different ways that I put a design on and it seems like I can’t get the spread to look right. Is there a trick to the designing and marking the shirt?

  • Debbie Musselli

    I wanna do this!!!

  • Susie Pieschel Bernardi

    Would this work on canvas; larger scale for wall art?

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