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DIY Party Decor: Candy, Fruit Loops & Mustaches

A video from the recent Mr. Kate Fashion’s Night Out Event at A.sweeT Boutique (combination candy store and clothing boutique) with some DIY party decoration tips¬† based off the window display I did! It was inspired by my Mr. Kate Love Loop necklace and Mini Cereal necklaces and rings… and of course the Mr. Kate logo, which is a mustache and beauty mark.

The materials and techniques I used to decorate the window could very easily translate into on-the-cheap, colorful party decorations for a variety of events (birthdays, kid’s party, Movember, etc!)


  • 5 boxes of Fruit Loops (depending on how many vases you want to fill)
  • Clear glass vases
  • Lolly pops, candy canes
  • Giant Pixie Sticks and Candy Buttons
  • Colorful poster board


Do It:

  1. Cut out mustache shapes from the different colored poster board and hang them with tape or glue dots from rope or ribbon.
  2. Fill clear glass vases with Fruit Loops and display lolly pops, pixie sticks and candy canes as your ‘flowers’.
  3. Make a rope of Fruit Loops by stringing them onto a piece of twine – use this rope as decoration or to hang your mustaches!
  4. Use tape or glue dots to hang Giant Button Candy sheets long a rope or ribbon for a colorful ‘flag-like’ banner.

You can see more pics of the window display process here and check out photos of my outfit here. The song in the video is ‘Fast Train’ by Jessie Payo – get her EP on iTunes here!


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