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DIY Leopard Print Cut-off Shorts

How great are these shorts!? Also, so DIYable! I did a similar DIY before using acrylic paint here! I found these mustard beauties during one of my mad pinning rampages – Pinterest is so addictive, I posted about it before here, and you can follow my boards here. I want to wear these shorts this Spring, paired with a soft white tee and black boots!

All you need to DO IT is:

1) A pair of denim cut-off shorts from the thrift store. You can always make your own from a pair of old jeans.

2) Dye them a mustard yellow color with fabric dye or just leave them as is.

3) Paint on leopard spots sporadically using fabric paint or markers in black and dark tan.

Hmm, in case you’re unsure how to hand-paint leopard spots, I created this How-to Draw Leopard Spots Diagram

Use this diagram to paint leopard spots on whatever you want! A lampshade, a headband, a pair of boots, etc!

Photos via the-vine.tumblr and

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