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DIY Japanese Decoden Inspired Phone Covers

This is such a fun DIY project! Kawaii means ‘cute’ in Japanese and Decoden is the art of making objects into tasty-looking, frosted art, embellished with cute or pretty elements. I interpreted the art of Decoden in my own way by using spikes on one phone case – and in a more traditional way on another – by using plastic decoden decorations from Etsy!

What You Need:

  • Silicone caulk (I recommend getting the 100% silicone – I originally used one with latex and acrylic, which worked fine but the 100% silicone is an easier consistency to apply)
  • A phone case you done mind covering with frosting (we got a pack of 4 clear iPhone cases for $5 from EBay)
  • Doo dads for your decorations! Just search “decoden” on Etsy and it turns up a ton of Kawaii cute things to use as decorations. Other options are: jewels, rhinestones, spikes (I got my spikes from
  • Utensil like the butt of a pencil
  • Optional: frosting tips to put on the nozzle of the silicone tube to create frosting-like designs
  • Pliers or tweezers


Watch the video above for the full step by step.

  1. In a well ventilated area, frost the back of your phone cover with the silicone. You may use a frosting tip or just use a pencil to make swirls. Layer it on thick!
  2. Place your decorations in the toxic frosting. Note: plan your layout first before you place because it gets messy if you try to move anything once it’s in the frosting.
  3. Let it dry for 2 to 4 hours. Since it’s silicone, it will never dry chalky hard, it will stay a little mushy, which feels really cool, kind of like rubber. It’s also not that heavy!
  4. Wash your hands and call Effie to tell her what you made!

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