DIY Hanukkah Menorah

Hanukkah is upon us, so why not DIY your menorah this year!? I made this menorah out of old perfume bottles…and I think it’s super cute!

Prep It:

1. Small bottles (make sure the openings can fit the same size menorah candle) – I used all old perfume bottles that I had laying around or got at the flea market.

2. Menorah candles.

3. Spray paint primer – you could use any color to paint your perfume bottles or, if they’re in good condition, keep them as is!

Do It:

  • Spray primer on bottles – do this outdoors and make sure you let them dry entirely so you don’t get chipping. If you want the bottles to be another color, use primer first to help your other spray paint color adhere. I like the look of white primer because it’s a matte finish.
  • Once dry, arrange in your desired menorah order – I used the biggest bottle in the middle.
  • Insert candles.
  • If you want, place the row of bottles on a little stand or tray, I used an old port wine box and spray painted the top white to match the bottles!

Happy Chanukah!