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DIY Hanging Garland – From Wrapped

Garland is a quick and easy DIY to spruce up any holiday occasion. For the winter holiday season, garland can be found draped around a tree or hung over a party table. It’s a great way to decorate a holiday table to alert party-goers to the snacks and drinks! Follow these simple steps to make your own garland out of Wrapped wrapping paper.

Things you will need:

  • Wrapped paper
  • Spray adhesive to attach wrapping paper to tag board
  • Tag board
  • Circle objects in different sizes to create your pieces of garland (largest to smallest)
  • Scissors to cut out circles
  • Staples to link circles together in a falling line
  • Ribbon to tie through top circle to creating a hanging garland

Step 1: Spray tag board and attach paper. Trace circles and cut out circles in many sizes.

Step 2: Cut out circles. Hole punch circles.

Step 3: Link circles together with staples.

Step 4: Attach ribbon to top circle and hang.

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