Giggles and Glue Guns

DIY: Get Spiky

This all started when I fell for this Jennifer Behr spiked headband for $475 and I thought “I could seriously DIY this.” Thus, I seriously did! I would say my version cost a total of $5, if that. I’m not sure only because the headband is really old and I have no idea where it came from, or how much it was originally. But all the spikes are really cheap from I get loads of compliments whenever I wear this horned creation. Just be careful when you hug people! No head butting!

What You Need:

  • A wide headband – probably from a drug store or beauty supply store with a plastic base covered in a fabric you fancy
  • Thread – in the color of the headband
  • Spikes and studs – of your choosing, but make sure you have a couple big ones for the horns
  • Something sharp – to poke the holes through the plastic part of the headband and also through the fabric
  • Flathead screwdriver – to press down the prongs of the studs

Do It:

  • Use the thread to sew or wrap the headband in a spot or spots to create a ruching effect (optional step)
  • Use the sharp instrument to poke holes through the cloth and the plastic headband. Make the holes large enough to fit the screw part of your large spikes
  • If necessary, use the sharp instrument to poke holes in the fabric
  • Randomly place different sized studs and flatten the prongs down with the flat-head screwdriver. The long spikes have a screw base.

Voila, work friendly devil horns!