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DIY festival outfits

Sunday afternoon brought my cutie gal pal Jessie Payo over to my place so we could DIY-decorate some outfits for her upcoming Burning Man adventure! She wanted to do Tigerlily inspired costumes with a some hippie-love, Burning Man vibe thrown in… rumor is that people often run around caked with nothing more than some desert sand. The fantastic song in the video is called ‘Tous Jour’ – written and performed by Jessie Payo and Andre De Santanna . Get her EP here on iTunes!

Let the DIY begin…

Supplies (all bought on-the-cheap in downtown LA, Michael’s Crafts, the flea market or try on Etsy under ‘supplies’):

  • Bras
  • Boy shorts
  • Little skirts, tutus, etc.
  • Faux suede fringe trim
  • Ribbon
  • Scrap leather – which I bought from the flea market
  • Feathers
  • Glue gun, to put it all together!

We made:

  1. Scrap leather patchwork strapless bra – a bunch of glued on pieces of various colored scrap leather covering a basic nude strapless bra totally transformed it into Native Princess!
  2. Teal lace ribbon, scrap leather and feather headband
  3. Red bra with gold leaf sequins and leather scrap trim
  4. R mini skirt with red, gold leaf and leather accents and a penny to weight down the flimsy fabric
  5. Faux suede fringe belt with beaded ribbon detail
  6. Leather cord headband with long end – feathers, leaf sequins, cotton and gold cord detail on the end – my homage to Avatar
  7. Faux suede, fringe-trimmed black bra – make sure you cover up the metal findings of the bra to make it look less like underwear – I glued extra pieces of the fabric to cover the back fasten area and more to wrap around the metal straps juncture in the front.
  8. Faux leather ribbon and lace ribbon bow headband with sequin and feather detail

All of these ideas can be applied to any music festival garb or maybe a Halloween costume!

Happy gluing!

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