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DIY: Decorating with Rocks and Seashells

Last week I pulled my rock, seashell and sea glass collections down from the tippy-top shelf of my scary storage closet. When you’re a crafter-horder like me, you’ll never know what color ribbon may topple onto your face. Did I mention I was a craft hoarder? Which is exactly why I never got rid of said collections which started around age 4 and stopped around age 10… hence the spelling on the box:

Collections are something that many people have and they either display them or tuck them away someplace. I never got rid of mine, thinking I’d do something great with them one day (total hoarder reasoning)… I’ve always thought a sea glass mosaic tabletop would be fun to do!

Sifting through my rocks and seashells inspired me to do a photo project post on how to display collections of natural/organic elements:

  1. Vase: This is the only decorative element on my bathroom counter. I used a simple, clear glass vase, put some of my prettiest rocks and crystals at the bottom and then stuck in a manzanita branch (you can get these at most nurseries). No watering necessary!
  2. Candle Holder: I took a large pedestal candle holder (which I got at Target a while ago) and placed a tiny tea light candle, slightly off-center. I filled in the rest of the space with some of my sea shells and displayed it next to some old books.
  3. Glass Jars: I used two glass jars (which originally came with bath salts) and I filled them up with some of my sea glass pieces. Then I placed two tea lights in the openings – they fit so nicely! Tea lights are optional, these jars look equally cool with the corks they came with and no candles.
  4. Table Top Accessory: I like to soften electronics by placing something organic near them… it seems like good Feng Shui. I simply used some unpolished pieces of coral and a sea shell next to an iPad… oh, and my second grade school picture. Just a little touch.
  5. Plant Base Filler: I love having plants around and a little sprinkling of sea glass and rocks covers up the dirt but still enables watering!

Please comment and let me know if you have any ideas of your own or have any questions on how to display your collections!

  • Dayeanne Terese Hutton

    I’ve been wondering all summer what to do with my rock and shell collections I decided were a good idea around 8 or 9 years old haha. Thanks for the rescue!

    • Mr Kate

      haha yay! happy sifting!

  • Victor Saltykov


  • Trudy Holtz

    i have jars filled with sea glass on top of my bathroom cabinet. and a big wide mouthed vase filled with shells and a big silver heart paperweight in the center. all the jars get changed out for the seasons. in the fall i’ll do acorns and silk leaves(no rotting!) and sweetgum balls. winter is for pinecones and sprigs of pine and holly. spring gets flowers and easter eggs.

    • Mr Kate

      wow! sounds so great!

  • Maryse Mitchell-Brody

    I use rocks and shells in my potted plants, strategically placed on the bare patches of soil. Not covering it but just one or two here and there. Can totes relate to the 6 yr old sea glass hoarding.

    • Mr Kate

      nice! …and thanks for understanding my hoarding ; )

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