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DIY Cupcakes in Jars

Whenever I make cupcakes, one of the big problems I have is how to give them to people. If you simply hand someone a cupcake, they can’t exactly pop it in their bag and take it home, so they either have to eat it on the spot or carry it the whole way home. That’s why cupcakes in jars are the perfect solution! Not only do they look and taste amazing but they make the perfect gift or going-home present or dessert.

I made salted caramel chocolate cupcakes and used chocolate cupcakes for the cake, salted caramel for the middle layer and caramel frosting for the top. YUM! But you can make them using any normal cupcake recipe and use whatever you like for the middle layer and the frosting.

Here’s how to make them (it’s really easy):

Step One: Bake your cupcakes and make your frosting (or just buy them both, no one has to know)

Step Two: Smoosh (yup that is a word, it’s used to describe the pushing of a cupcake into a jar) the bottom half of one cupcake into the bottom of each jar.

Step Three: Add your middle layer on top of the cupcake.

Step Four: Smoosh the top half of the cupcake on top of the middle layer.

Step Five: Add your frosting and decorations.

Step Six: Pop a lid on it and enjoy!