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DIY Color Tipped Hair Extensions

A while back, I really wanted to dye the tips of my hair in a fun color. After my colorist fainted from shock and I revived him with the scent of bleach, he told me, “Why don’t you save your hair and just dye some clip-in extensions instead?!” Genius that he is, I did just that, first in a shade of pink (you can watch the DIY video here) and more recently I did a batch in a pastel teal/turquoise color. The clip-ins are great because I wear them when I want but I’m not stuck with the color if I get sick of it. Plus, I don’t have to damage my hair (more than I already do) by dyeing them back. Here’s what I did…

What You Need/Do It:

1. Get clip-in hair extensions. You can find them at your local wig/hair shop or buy them online from a variety of places. FYI: I have only done this with real human hair so I don’t know how synthetic hair would react to the dye. Buy enough for two rows in the bulk of your hair and a couple individual, 1 inch long clips to frame your face.

2. Get some:

  • Semi-permanent hair dye from a beauty supply store. I used Punky Colour and used a green and a light blue mixed together to get the teal shade.
  • A hair dye brush from the beauty supply store. It makes it much easier to paint on the color.
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Note: if you are using brown or darker extensions, you should bleach the tips first so the color is more vibrant.

3. Mix up your color and paint it on the ends! Note: if you want a more pastel shade, mix in an equal amount of hair conditioner and only let it set for about a minute before shampooing the color off.

4. Shampoo, conditioner, rinse, dry and clip in! Clip them in by parting your hair in horizontal layers and attaching the clips to your hair. Make sure the layers are low enough so you cant see the tracks when your hair is down.

5. Style your hair in a variety of ways!