DIY Christmas Tree Pinata!

This is seriously so easy and so fun especially for the Holidays! My friend Aimee from SwellMayde came up with this fun project!

What you need:

– Tissue Paper
– Poster Board
– Newspaper
– Scissors
– Masking Tape
– Mod Podge
– Elmer’s White Glue
– Paintbrush

Do It:

1. Pinata Bases: To create the pyramid-shaped Christmas tree, cut out 3 triangles (17.5″ high and 14″ at the base) using the poster paper.  Then, cut out 1 equilateral triangle, with each side measuring 14″. Tape together. To create the second tree shaped pinata,  draw a Christmas tree to your liking. Cut two. For the sides, cut a long rectangle strip, at least 2″ wide.  Fold and tape together.

2.  Create paper mache paste by watering down a few cups of Mod Podge.  Dip newspaper strips into the paste.

3. Place strips onto your pinata bases. Use the paintbrush to create an even coat.

4. Cut 2″ tissue paper strips. Fringe using your scissors.

5. Glue fringed tissue paper strips onto pinata bases.

6. Cut excess tissue paper fringe at the sides.  Continue until all sides are covered.   If you would like to add treats inside, use a blade to cut a little flap. You can poke two holes at the top and string rope through to hang up for some pinata fun!

And voila!  A Festive SwellMayde Christmas Tree Pinata!