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DIY: Cheap and Easy Halloween Makeup

This is a really quick and easy make-up option for a Halloween costume. I challenged myself to not buy anything and use what I had in my make-up bag and kitchen cabinets – bring in the Aluminum Foil! Watch the video for the full how-to.

In the video, I reference my past Pan costume, where I first used liquid liner as face-paint – you can see my make-up from that costume here and some costume pics here. Using liquid lineris a really easy way to get that calligraphy pen look on your face! Get creative and make up your own design. Send me pics ( and I’ll post them!

What You Need:

  • Black (or a color of your choosing) liquid eyeliner. I prefer the ones with the felt tip.
  • Face powder
  • Cotton swabs
  • False eyelash glue – the kind that dries clear
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors

Do It:

  1. Prep your face with your powder.
  2. Draw your design! Get creative and play with the contours of your face, if you mess up just use a lightly moistened cotton swab. Tip: Try to make your design always end in a point by using the natural shape of the brush. If you end in a blunt line the design won’t look as fluid.
  3. Once you’re pleased with your design, cut shapes from the aluminum foil and glue them on with the false eyelash glue.
  4. You can set your design with a final dusting of powder and keep the eyeliner and glue in your purse for touch-ups throughout your mystical night!

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