Diving In

Today is my first day writing for HelloGiggles, so I sat to contemplate what I had to say.  What is so important I need to share it with the masses? How can I make an impact right out of the gate here on good ol’ HG? Where can I go (metaphorically) to showcase my insanely witty repertoire and impress the pants right off of all these splendid readers? Let me tell you, I like to set the bar high. I’m an overachiever in every sense of the word so this is what I came up with: nothing.

Yep, that’s right, a big fat goose egg. One heaping dose of nada. A kiddie pool full of zilch. A kaleidoscope of scattered blanks. You get the idea. But it did cause a lil’ something to happen.  In the recesses of my rickety and decrepit idea space (picture Grey Gardens in its latter years), a dimly lit bulb flickered on. How many times in our life do we let the fear of the unknown, or the hope to so highly impress others, freeze us in our footsteps? We want that ‘thing’ so badly that we scare ourselves right into missing out on the opportunity to enjoy or accomplish it. We very nearly talk ourselves straight out of reaching our goal. We want to be so good that we think we could never live up to the idea of perfection we feel must be required for the task.

I’m here to tell you to stop it. Stop it right this instant. ¡Parada, mis amigos! (That means ‘Stop, my friends’ in Spanish. I’ll be dropping worldly pearls of wisdom on the regular so hold on tight, folks!) And, listen, I’m not just telling all of you, I’m saying it for myself, as well. Why should putting ourselves out there feel so terrifying? We all have something to give, big or small. So what if I fell on my writing face today? So what if one person read and actually enjoyed my piece? Or, better yet, hated it? S**t, it’s one more person than if I hadn’t done it at all! That is the kind of mentality we need to keep going, keep pushing.

I am a chronic overthinker. Seriously. I’m pretty sure it owns its very own helix in my DNA. I can think something TO DEATH. And because of that, a lot of times it prevents me from sticking my toe into that kiddie pool full of zilch. Why would I want to get in an empty kiddie pool? I don’t have the water (read: ideas) to even fill it up! But, maybe, just maybe, if I stuck my toe in first, a hot guy with a hose would appear from around the corner and fill that bad boy right up. Then it’s a fun day in the sun! Stranger things have happened. Do you hear what I’m saying?!

I think taking a leap of faith can result in some of the biggest payoffs you or I will ever experience in our lives. Is it scary? Hell yeah. Does it make your tummy do flips? Pretty much. Does it make you feel like you have to tinkle? No? Just me? Okay, whatever. (And, yes, I said tinkle in my first HG piece. How’s that for putting it out there?) It can be hard, but more importantly, it can be great. Before we begin doubting ourselves, how about we believe in ourselves (even if it IS delusional)? The fact is that you will have tried. You will have moved forward instead of remaining stock still, beating yourself up about how tentative you have been. There is no need to freeze because you want something to be so good. Give it the room it deserves, give yourself the room YOU deserve, let it happen, nurture your own growth and if it isn’t perfect that first time, you keep going until it reaches as close to perfect as you are capable of.

That’s what matters, that’s what diving in is all about.

Image via Shorpy.com

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