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Put your eyes on this art from the long lost Disney/Salvador Dali project

Barbagallo claims the animation techniques needed to produce Dali’s version would have been impossible at the time. Even if they could be done, such a project would demand years and millions of dollars. Walt Disney was not willing to spend the money at the time, particularly since the Disney Company in the mid-1940s was battling some economic woes, ones that couldn’t be rectified with Dali’s often grandiose ideas.

Luckily for us, after the project was cancelled, many of Dali’s sketches were displayed in the Disney cafeteria, and then collected by the unnamed owner of the sketches who died and left them to his partner, who reached out to Barbagallo. If verified, the sketches could be worth millions.  “Salvador Dali and Walt Disney are among the most iconic artists in the 20th century,” explains Ted Nicolaou, guest curator of “Disney and Dali: Architects of the Imagination” at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. “Any work or collaboration between the two of them has added value – not just Dali (or) Disney but both of them – and therefore, this would be a spectacular find.”

Just looking through the images, we have to agree. If only Walt Disney had the money to spend (and the patience to withstand Dali’s extravagances), who knows what visions that dynamic duo could have shared with their adoring fans! (Images via Twitter)

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