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Put your eyes on this art from the long lost Disney/Salvador Dali project

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney: two visionary artists whose names I never thought I’d hear in conjunction with one another until I watched the Academy Award nominated short film and love story “Destino” in 2003. It seems that Dali and Disney, back in the mid-1940s, had hoped to work together on a short film by that name. The project was eventually scrapped due to their differing temperaments. (After all, Dali was the kind of guy who gave lectures while wearing a diving suit. He certainly sounds like a unique professor, but probably not the easiest employee.) “Destino” was only completed when Roy E. Disney, Walt Disney’s nephew, hired Dali experts and animators to piece together the few images and sketches left.

Well, it seems that the story doesn’t end there: art historian Ron Barbagallo, a classic animation art conservationist who once worked as Roy Disney’s personal art conservator, believes he has found a collection of 72 hand-drawn story sketches and 13 storyboards that fill in the missing details of “Destino.” As he recently explained to a class at Chapman University, “Dali had a very definite narrative for this thing… It’s just not all in the 2003 short.”

For his lecture at Chapman University, Barbagallo created a 12-minute filmed rough draft using the discovered lost storyboards and drawings. The new version is similar to  2003 short, but is greatly extended and differs wildly in its final 7 minutes. According to the O.C. Register, the story manages to be much more straightforward and emotional, owing to extra scenes making for smoother transitions coupled with an altered ending that sends a powerful message of love. Now that’s a statement we can get behind!

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