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This real-life Disney-eque library is making our minds melt

Photographer Von Wong has officially stolen our photography-loving hearts. You may remember a few weeks ago when we posted Von Wong’s incredible Photoshop-free photographs that transformed regular people into super-athletes using only lighting (definitely worth checking out if you missed it). Well, once again Von Wong has blown us away with his major skills.

He and his talented team got permission to do a creative photo shoot in Admont Abbey — the oldest remaining monastic library in the world that just happens to look almost identical to the library that Beast gave to Belle in Beauty and the BeastReally — they look so much alike that it’s giving us heart palpitations, because it’s BELLE’S REAL-LIFE LIBRARY!

The team was granted full access to the library, but only after it closed. Which meant the night-time lighting situation wasn’t ideal. On his website, Von Wong wrote about the experience of shooting at night:

“Lighting up the library was quite a challenge. It’s beauty was wildly dependent on the 48 windows of sunlight to illuminate the 70,000 books and manuscripts on display. Unfortunately we were only given permission to shoot after hours so that meant trying our best to re-construct the lighting as naturally as possibly.”

And his reason for shooting in one of the most magnificent libraries in the world (aside from the obvious)?

“Growing up, Beauty and the Beast had been one of my favorite films from Disney. I had watched it countless times as a child, and never once, did I imagine that I would find myself inside a fairytale myself, creating a Disney princess of my own surrounded by priceless frescos adorning the ceilings, marble floors beneath my feet and the soft musty smell of old books.”

It literally sounds like a dream. Like, full on REM sleep dream. Except, it’s real. And and the photos are incredible.

Check out the pics and some behind the scenes action:

See? Almost identical! 

Von Wong’s assistant hid under the model’s dress to make it poofier

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