Dick Clark Died, So America Hates Ryan Seacrest

Trending right now is a string of hate messages towards Ryan Seacrest after the passing of his idol, mentor and friend Dick Clark. While it was certainly sad to hear of the passing of the television legend, it was by no means surprising. After suffering from a stroke in 2004, the longtime host’s health was compromised dramatically. What is important to remember is that he lived a life most of us would only dream of living and he left behind a legacy.

That being said, Twitter is being hit hard with 140 characters of pure Seacrest hate. Things like, “Now that Dick Clark has died, Ryan Seacrest can finally take over the world” and “Seacrest is somewhere rubbing his hands together right now…” As an aspiring television host myself, I have never struggled with the decision of who to respect or idolize more – Clark or Seacrest? Or Casum or Leno? Or Menounos or Couric? Why do people feel like they have to choose? Even Anderson Cooper compared the two talented and experienced television personalities after Clark’s passing on CNN’s blog, saying, “I mean, Dick Clark was a very tireless worker and Ryan Seacrest I think, you know, is probably one of the hardest working guys in the television business and has his fingers in a lot of different aspects of the business, and I think that’s possible now in a way almost that it wasn’t possible before.”

It is sick to think anyone is waiting for someone else to die so they can gain more of the spotlight. Do you think that when your dad’s mom dies, your mom’s mom has a celebration because she can now have all of your grandmother love?!

Dick Clark was huge in his day – a true pioneer. But it’s 2012 and these days, Seacrest has been working hard to form his own career. I highly doubt that he found Dick Clark as his biggest competition as he was making his way up the journalistic ladder. At most, the passing of Clark has left an open position for Seacrest to host New Years Rockin’ Eve from now on, but if you were hoping Dick Clark would be the only host of the Rockin’ New Years Eve special until the end of time, then you were probably going by a Mayan calendar.

I’m sorry to say it, America, but as sad as it may be, this day was bound to come. Regis Philbin, Larry King and Al Roker will all die one day too. And it won’t be Mario Lopez, Joel McHale or Nick Cannon’s fault. So never forget the man who brought us American Bandstand and the $25,000 Pyramid, but don’t take his passing out on the man who brings us American Idol and The Kardashians. 

Featured image via Andrew Walker/ DCNYRE2011/Getty Images for DCP

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