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This outfit secretly helps me cope with depression

I’ve been a night owl all my life, but a recent bout of depression has been keeping me up later and in bed longer. Almost every morning, I force myself up and at ‘em about nine minutes before I have to leave for work, which means – if I’m going to brush my teeth, eat breakfast, and/or glob on a coat of mascara before I trip out the door – I have exactly one minute and forty-five seconds to get my outfit together. Here’s what that typically looks like:

Christina Wolfgram wearing a t-shirt and jean jacket, proud that she got to work on time even though she stayed up all night hanging out with her depression
Jordan McKittrick / HelloGiggles

Not bad for someone who was awake until 3 a.m. emotionally eating Ritz crackers and watching YouTube videos about plastic surgery in Thailand, right?

When I’m feeling blue (like, dark blue, like navy blue), I try to notice small details that bring me even the slightest bit of joy. It keeps me, you know, standing.

This outfit may have recently been in a giant pile on my floor, but every piece of it helps me combat depression with positive associations.

Christina Wolfgram crosses a surprisingly empty street in Los Angeles. What depression?!
Jordan McKittrick / HelloGiggles

For instance, these jeans come from a tiny store in Manhattan Beach, California, where the hilarious owner, Tammy, insisted she help me find a pair, popping in and out of the dressing room with the audacity of a mom and laughing when I tried to cover myself. I hadn’t bought a pair of jeans in over five years because I get so frustrated with my thighs, hips, knees, ankles, and general way of life, but this woman probably has no idea how much her patience and excitement over these pants helped boost my confidence.

A rose quartz heart peeks out from a jean pocket
Jordan McKittrick / HelloGiggles

Plus, unlike the 1,800 pairs of leggings I own, these have a perfect pocket for carrying a ‘lil rose quartz heart, a slightly overpriced reminder to love myself.

A platinum blonde woman faces a city street and shows off her free people jean jacket with lace details
Jordan McKittrick / HelloGiggles

I have some really bad news about this Free People jacket. Like, you’re going to hate me.

I got it…from…Crossroads. For $12. I know, we can’t be friends anymore. Free People is one of those stores I never go into because I’m scared the pauper alarm is going to go off, and I’ll be escorted out due to my lack of coolness…and money. Usually, when I do laundry, I throw lights and darks and delicates into one machine and wish them luck – I’m too busy watching those plastic surgery YouTube videos to separate my clothes! But this jacket gets the VIP-solo-cold-spin treatment, because it might be the fanciest thing I’ve ever owned: It’s covered in delicate, gossamer lace and has holes on purpose.

Despite her recent bout of depression, Christina Wolfgram attempts a model face, wearing a lord jones t-shirt and jean jacket, standing in a sunny cityscape
Jordan McKittrick / HelloGiggles

And now. This shirt. This shirt makes me happy for three reasons:

1. It was gifted to me by HelloGiggles beauty editor and star human being, Marie Lodi.
2. It fits like I stole it from a rock star’s closet after we had really fun, protected sex that we will both remember forever even though we never see each other again. And…
3. …I wore it a few times before finding out it’s from a company that sells weed lotion. Happy to support local businesses but should probably check what labels mean before I display them on my chest.

A bleach blonde woman sniffs an aromatherapy necklace that contains lavender essential oil
Jordan McKittrick / HelloGiggles

This necklace is an incredible secret anti-anxiety tool!

Inside lives a little round pad that soaks up essential oils, which means you can casually take deep breaths of goodness throughout the day without carrying around a full apothecary of smelling salts. Lavender is forever my oil of choice, because it doesn’t give me a headache, and it reminds me of my mom. I got this locket from a friend that has perfected that, “On the outside, it totally looks like I have it all together, but on the inside I’m usually freaking out,” lifestyle, and I strive to be brave like her. *Sniffs locket*

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