Defining That Indefinable "It"

The idea for the short sparked from a conversation with a group of friends following a rather overindulgent Thanksgiving dinner. We started trading stories about weird sexy desires we had as kids, and what we thought ‘it’ was before we knew for sure. One friend shared that as a child he made a little woman out of plasticine and carried her around in his pocket but he didn’t quite know why. Another recounted that he thought you and your girlfriend jumped on the bed and saw who got tired first. Once there is a winner, you ask her if she had fun and go get her a glass of water…which isn’t too far off the truth.

When Liquid Television approached me a few weeks later to make a short for their Valentine’s Day Card this seemed like the ideal subject matter. When I went back to England for the holidays I caught up with friends whilst pleadingly asking if I could record them talking about their first ideas of sex, which was an interesting way to say hi after 4 months apart. I interviewed about ten people and got stories ranging from super sleazy to super cute, and ended up going with my boyfriends anecdote about crab walking towards the woman you love, which was actually the story that started the whole conversation back in November. I think it won out because of my overwhelming urge to animate two animals awkwardly crab walking toward each other in their underwear.

Video credit MTV & Liquid Television and Julia Pott.

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