Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: Winter White

For as long as I can remember, wearing white after labor day was the biggest fashion faux pas you could be caught participating in. This belief was instilled in me by my mother – thanks mom! Up until a few years ago, I stayed true to this notion and refused to wear any sort of white (other than an oxford) after labor day/before May 24. It was H&M and their chunky sweater dress is a beautiful cream colour that helped me change sides. Naturally, my mother was appalled when she saw me wearing it and insisted that I rethink my fashion choices. However, at some point a girl has got to branch out from the advice of her mother (not all) and do her own thing. Alas, I wore the sweater repeatedly for the duration of that winter.

J Crew marked down their toothpick jeans at the end of summer and buried in the sales rack was a pair of white denim in my size! We had a few family gatherings during labor day weekend and I wore my coveted new pants everyday because I know my Mom was really not able to scold me just yet. I’m not normally someone who wears white pants because I have a terrible opinion about my legs in white (I think this is from a terrorizing experience of white tights during my ballet dancing years). Conversely, the J Crew jeans were perfect.

Labor day came and went and I was left longing to keep the jeans in regular rotation in my wardrobe. I believe I wore them twice in September, washed them and left them in the bottom of my denim pile (with a pair of powder pink denim).

Last week, one of my coworkers showed up to the office wearing white denim and I initiated a conversation with her asking whether she’d received any flack for wearing the light jeans. She wasn’t surprised I was asking and explained that she had a few people question her fashion judgement but ultimately shrugged them off.

My definitive answer to this topic is: wear what you want – whenever you want.

If Pairing white denim with a chunky knit and a great pair of boots does not take away from keeping you warm throughout the winter months, then what is the problem here? Winter white fashion is here to stay so give up the square thoughts of only associating white with the summer months. I’m going to enjoy my newish favorite jeans all year long!

What do you think – are you a winter white person or do you reserve the light colours with the warm months of the year?

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