Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: The One-Piece Swimsuit

Growing up, I was the chubby ballerina, the overweight gymnast and likely the only teenage girl who appreciated that a one-piece swimsuit was mandatory for swim class. Not much has changed. Spring is here and I find myself loathing the thought of being poolside. Anytime I try on a bikini, I find myself poking at every body discrepancy, which leads me to quickly rip it off and run out of the fitting room as fast as possible. I’ve tried on many one-piece swimsuits, not the crazy cutout ones, but regular one-piece suits that allow for swimming, diving and awkward tanning. The problems arise when I am faced with actually hitting a beach or pool. It seems none of my girlfriends have body issues; they don’t seem to think twice before flaunting their cute little bikinis (rightfully so). Naturally (or not so naturally), I feel like I should look just like them so I uncomfortably put on a bikini and avoid sitting or doing anything that draws unflattering attention to my body.

The need to feel sexy is another reason why I end up wearing a two-piece suit. I hate to say it but I definitely look for approval from my fiancé anytime we find ourselves in a situation where swimsuits are involved. My typical action plan is to come out in a dress, sit around in a lounge chair pretending to read (or actually reading) waiting for the right opportunity to quickly strip off the dress and jump in the pool while no one is watching. At that point I’m submerged in water and no one could possibly see what I was trying to hide. The tricky part is when it’s time to get out. Usually at this point everyone is getting out or already out so I risk having an uncomfortable swimsuit show. However, a good tactic is whispering to someone nearby and asking them to bring a towel to the edge of the pool.

In the above image, I’m trying to capture the fun of the beach day with pal – you can see I strategically took the photo as we were laying in the sun so I didn’t have to get a full-bod shot. Even if someone did get a full-body photo I was saved since I was wearing a one-piece.

I’ve gone on a little much on the topic of my poor self-esteem, so let’s bring it back to what I’m really defending.

Why a one-piece swimsuit rules:

1. Wherever the top is, the bottom is as well therefore you will never lose any pieces.

2. You will never have any embarrassing moments where you happen to lose a piece after diving in a pool.

3. It’s modest.

4. It’s likely that you will not run into someone wearing the same swimsuit as you (because everyone else is wearing a bikini).

5. There is nothing wrong with a one-piece swimsuit.

Have I proven my point? (Please just say yes.)

  • Erin Kowalsky

    I will defend the one-piece to the end!

    I used to have weight on me in my early teens, then I lost it and felt/looked great in a bikini in my late teens/early 20s, now I’m 27 and I’ve gained it again and a one-piece is my best friend for swimming in public!

    You just have to sift through all of the frumpy one-piece bathing suits at the store, to find the one that looks the best on you! Most of them are so frumpy, they make you 2nd guess whether you should buy this suit or just wear shorts and a t-shirt.

    Me, I found a halter one-piece with thin tie in the back, cut out on the sides and back, deep V in front, but material still covers my stomach.. like wearing a bikini, except it covers the parts I’m not comfortable with.. but it’s still sexy and young looking!

  • Leslie Doyé

    I must say am soo surprised you have body issues! I’ve seen your Hello Giggles profile and I think you are absolutely beautiful!
    Anywho, I think one-pieces are adorable and I would definitely defend them, especially those cute retro style ones (polka-dots & sweetheart cuts are a must). Unfortunately, I don’t think I could rock one since my stomach is the only place I’m semi-comfortable with showing (aka I got a J.Lo booty).
    SO be stoked you can rock these awesomely modest and definitely adorable suits.

  • Alexandra Coleman

    Long live the one piece!!!
    My problem area is and always has been my tummy, so 2 pieces are the bane of my existence. FYI, has the CUTEST one pieces – super flattering and really adorable, I have the “bathing beauty in cherry pie” and it’s literally the best swimsuit I’ve ever owned – no constant worries about popping out and I feel like a pinup girl movie star in it :)

  • Katie Coren Freeman

    i love one piece suits! especially those with a “retro feel” to them. unfortunately i can never find one that fits right without spending way too much money. I, instead, opted for a high wasted swim bottoms from American Apparel – I can mix and match top/bottom like any other bikini, but I feel it looks a lot classier and refined. Nearly every girl at the beach or pool rocks a super skin bearing bikini – but not everyone has the gusto to wear the one-piece or the high waist bottoms :)

  • Kathryn Lentini

    I would agree with why one piece swimsuits rule, except…. you don’t wear them for the 5 reasons you listed above, you wear them because you’re self conscious. Oh, you may reason with yourself that those, of course, go along with the main reason why you wear them, but you list them to make yourself feel better. You give one piece bathing suits a bad name. Everyone associates a one piece with someone who is trying to hide something, and the fact that you confirm that, makes me want to NOT wear one (even though I am a little self conscious). Not everyone looks good in a one piece (I am definitely one of those…. small boobs and a bigger stomach… they look weird on me). In my mind, only skinny people can pull off a one piece really well.
    Also, I could come up with a LONGER list at why bikinis rule, but in reality, it all has to do with how you feel in the bathing suit. Pick what you want. Pick what you feel comfortable in.

    • Terryn McGillicuddy Yates

      Well, I associate people who wear one-pieces with people who like the way one-pieces look, but that’s just me I guess. I own and enjoy both swimsuit styles.

  • Casie Stewart

    I like one pieces too, and you. Mod Cloth has some of the cutest retro onesies I’ve seen around.

  • Leslie Polish

    i love my one pieces, they have come out with some really great ones recently. Great for swimming laps at the pool in my gym, and i never have to feel like its about to fall off when i jump in! the only downside, I don’t think my stomach or lower back has seen the sun in about 5 years. the whiteness is blinding!

  • Sien Vrolix

    I don’t like one piece swimsuits because they never fit right for me. Oh, the joy of pulling out a wedgie only to almost show your boobs!

  • Kaela De Deaux

    I totally wear a one piece, but for another reason that I am definitely too embarrassed about to mention on the internet. But seriously, if you are one of those girls you have nothing to worry about… Crystal, is it? Idk, you look fine to me, wear whatever you want, because it looks like you can anyways

  • Julia Hays

    Ladies should wear what they feel most comfortable in, and for me, that’s a one-piece or a tankini. I agree with the reasons above, and one that I would like to add, is that the more material you’re wearing, the less skin you need to worry about reapplying sunscreen to!

  • Samira Garcia

    one-piece suits rule! for body-issues and modesty

  • Anonymous

    i’m totally digging one pieces this season.

  • Kyle Kennelly

    I love tankinis for the same reasons! There are super cute one pieces made by Rey Swimwear! I can’t wait to buy mine for this summer!

  • Putri Julia Daskian

    I’ve been wearing one-piece and high-waisted bottom two-piece swimsuits for the past two or three years just simply because I’ve gotten bored of the usual triangle-top, low-bottom bikinis I see everywhere. Also when you’re actually swimming, frail bikinis are not so practical (I’ve tried).

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