Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: The One-Piece Swimsuit

Growing up, I was the chubby ballerina, the overweight gymnast and likely the only teenage girl who appreciated that a one-piece swimsuit was mandatory for swim class. Not much has changed. Spring is here and I find myself loathing the thought of being poolside. Anytime I try on a bikini, I find myself poking at every body discrepancy, which leads me to quickly rip it off and run out of the fitting room as fast as possible. I’ve tried on many one-piece swimsuits, not the crazy cutout ones, but regular one-piece suits that allow for swimming, diving and awkward tanning. The problems arise when I am faced with actually hitting a beach or pool. It seems none of my girlfriends have body issues; they don’t seem to think twice before flaunting their cute little bikinis (rightfully so). Naturally (or not so naturally), I feel like I should look just like them so I uncomfortably put on a bikini and avoid sitting or doing anything that draws unflattering attention to my body.

The need to feel sexy is another reason why I end up wearing a two-piece suit. I hate to say it but I definitely look for approval from my fiancé anytime we find ourselves in a situation where swimsuits are involved. My typical action plan is to come out in a dress, sit around in a lounge chair pretending to read (or actually reading) waiting for the right opportunity to quickly strip off the dress and jump in the pool while no one is watching. At that point I’m submerged in water and no one could possibly see what I was trying to hide. The tricky part is when it’s time to get out. Usually at this point everyone is getting out or already out so I risk having an uncomfortable swimsuit show. However, a good tactic is whispering to someone nearby and asking them to bring a towel to the edge of the pool.

In the above image, I’m trying to capture the fun of the beach day with pal – you can see I strategically took the photo as we were laying in the sun so I didn’t have to get a full-bod shot. Even if someone did get a full-body photo I was saved since I was wearing a one-piece.

I’ve gone on a little much on the topic of my poor self-esteem, so let’s bring it back to what I’m really defending.

Why a one-piece swimsuit rules:

1. Wherever the top is, the bottom is as well therefore you will never lose any pieces.

2. You will never have any embarrassing moments where you happen to lose a piece after diving in a pool.

3. It’s modest.

4. It’s likely that you will not run into someone wearing the same swimsuit as you (because everyone else is wearing a bikini).

5. There is nothing wrong with a one-piece swimsuit.

Have I proven my point? (Please just say yes.)