Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: The Mullet Skirt

Before we begin the defending, allow me to exhaust the names this skirt has been given:

Mullet Skirt

Hi-Low Skirt

Asymmetrical Skirt

Party in the Front/Business in the Back Skirt

Fake Maxi Skirt

Diagonal Skirt

Skirt with a Tail

Waterfall Skirt

Please feel free to leave a comment with whatever creative names you’ve heard or come up with for this skirt because it’s possible there are hundreds (okay, maybe ten more).

This skirt is special; the attention that it draws with its striking hemline makes for a fun way to spice things up for the summer. I’m the girl who lays in bed and stresses about what to wear to work the next day. Meetings, after work mixers, midday yoga classes and the weather are all things I consider when planning an outfit. I’m also the girl who never wants to be overdressed or terribly underdressed, so once I decide on an outfit, I spend the next few sheep counts calculating the fancy-factor of said outfit. I’ve explained this nonsensical formula because the hi-low skirt is the answer to all of these problems. The above photo is of me and my handsome (now) husband getting ready to leave for our rehearsal dinner. I ran around West Palm Beach that day trying to find something that was Florida casual. I still don’t quite understand what that means, but I had to call my Mom up and warn her that she was potentially the only woman that was showing up to the dinner in a sequinned dress. In the end I decided on that dress because I figured that I was the bride-to-be so I was allowed to wear a ball gown if I wanted, but that the hemline was suitable for any setting.

As always, here are a list of reasons why this hemline is awesome:

#1 – Check out those shoes

The thing about maxi dresses is that you’re really never able to see the shoes that compliment the outfit and in all fairness, shoes should not be neglected. When I wear a maxi skirt, I most often have to wear the highest of the high shoes that I have because I’m way short and am often way to lazy to ever get around to taking it to the seamstress. So when I’m hobbling around in heels (which I told you I never did) I’d like you to see what’s on my feet.

#2 – Nice Stems

I am short – have I revealed this to you? My legs are short, my torso is short – I’m just short. If you put me in one of these skirts, I look like I’m competing with Rihanna for longest legs (fine, I’m not, but I like to think so).

Image via NZGirls

#3 – You can get this on the cheap

You can visit the fashion stores that have super reasonable prices, but you can also take what you’ve got at home and turn it into the trendiest piece of the summer! If you’ve got a maxi skirt, some scissors and semi-precision, you are able to DIY your way to this outcome. Check out the easiest and most informative DIY video that I’ve seen right here.

#4 – Versatility

As mentioned, I chose to wear my dress in a semi-casual setting. I think that I could definitely take the same dress and make it appropriate for a formal function by adding tons of jewels and more elegant shoes but I could also put on a pair of flip flops and saunter around the beach.

Pardon the Instagram photo but here is another example of this style that I think I could transform from a super casual dress to one that seems suitable for evening. I had to wear wedges with this dress because of the whole height thing but if I could’ve, I would’ve gladly rocked some cute flats!

Throw on a t-shirt or sweater on top, add your biker boots on the bottom – there are endless ways to make this trend work and that’s half the fun. You know those articles you read entitled, “1 skirt, 62835 Ways”? This is that skirt!!!

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