Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: The Half Tuck

I am going to catch a lot of flack for this one, but I beg you to hear me out.

Let’s preface this with an ode to the button-up blouse. This piece is incredibly versatile and can often take you from work to evening play. The buttons on a blouse allow for an unbuttoned look that is arguably a  little sexy and/or racy however, buttoning it up brings much elegance if you have a beautiful necklace to wear with it or a lace bow tie.

The part of a button-up that often gets neglected (in terms of how to style) is the tail; natural instincts tell us to tuck the whole thing into whatever bottom we are pairing it with. Now, this is perfectly acceptable; being all tucked in affirms your professionalism and your ability to put yourself together – more often than not, this is the ideal way to show up to your nine to five job.

Image via The Sartorialist

…but then come the weekends: the two days of rest and relaxation otherwise known as causal time – a time where being all tucked-in just doesn’t seem right. These are the times that I advocate wearing the half-tucked look. I have dozens of beautiful silk blouses and enjoy wearing them to the office however, pairing them with cutoff shorts or a mini-skirt and leaving them half tucked is super chic to me. There is also something visually appealing about having an asymmetrical look; in some instances I find that it actually elongates my torso (which is the dream).

“Why don’t you just leave it untucked?” 

Here’s the problem I have with just leaving a blouse untucked: I turn into a boxy babe. I have some curves, so I am often battling with the age old problem of looking heavier than I actually am. Unless I belt my shirt, the untuck doesn’t happen for me. I’m also not a fan of belting anything on my body because my torso is short – but that’s just me and I think the style looks fantastic otherwise. Leaving my shirt untucked also reminds me of my high school days where we would all rebel our not-so-stylish uniform and leave our dress shirts hanging out. I also like to show you a little bit of my belt collection. Leaving my shirt half untucked allows for you to still see what my belt of choice is for that day. I love belts and I think they are an accessory that often gets ignored. Don’t ignore the belts or underestimate their awesomeness!!

“You look like you’re trying too hard!”

Image via J Crew

When it comes to style, I think I’m always trying too hard. What can I say, I love fashion and I love trends. This is not a bad thing. I’ve heard many people explain that their distaste for this particular trend comes from the fact that only models and shopping catalogues can pull this trend off and that strolling down the street would warrant other pedestrians to remind you that you haven’t tucked in all the way. That may be true however, the same goes for any other trend that you dare to try. Not everyone will get it and not everyone will appreciate it – that should never stop you from embracing something that you think is visually appealing. No – I do not think that this trend looks like you’re trying too hard, it’s merely me taking a cool idea that I saw and applying it to my everyday.

So tell me, is this a trend that you have tried/will try or is this an absolute DON’T in your books?

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