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Defend the Trend: The Flannel Oxford

It’s funny how certain pieces evoke different emotions as you get older. For me, I hated everything flannel and fleece as a child; I thought it was the most unfashionable material ever. This is likely because anything that served a purpose (provided warmth) was deemed uncool by the “cool” kids.

Today I love fleece; in fact, I just bought a fleece liner for my Barbour jacket to keep myself warm once winter arrives. I have also found a new love for flannel – specifically, flannel oxfords. Once you get past the initial stereotype of flannel being worn under pieces like overalls – you can discover the many different ways to style it. Here are a few of my favorite ways (with examples from some of my personal favorite style bloggers):

1. Super Casual

I’m going to get real and confess that the only reason I thought to wear this shirt like this was because I bought it a little too small for my bust. Unfortunately that tends to happen a lot for me. Nonetheless, I like that I was able to wear a thin tank underneath and have it open – not only did it keep me cool while shopping in the mall with a sea of Christmas shoppers, but I think it sort of looks cool. Plus, it gave me reason to keep the shirt rather than give it away!

2. A Layering Piece

Image via Sparkling Footsteps

I’ve been seeing this a lot among the style blogger world; layering a flannel oxford with another oxford. I think it draws attention and adds depth to the outfit, especially when the bottom layer has a pattern exposed just a little bit. This is also a style that I am keen to try because as mentioned, I have made the mistake of buying oxfords that are slightly too small around the bust, which allows me to wear them under pieces that do fit. Layering is the best for the winter and you can shed pieces not worrying about whether you have something decent under the first layer!

3. For the Office

Image via Classy Confessions

If you work in an environment where “business casual” is the dress code – this look is absolutely ideal! Wearing your comfy flannel oxford with a pencil skirt is so chic. I especially love that Megan added a beautiful statement necklace to contrast the casual shirt.

4. Glam! Glam! Glam!

Image via Atlantic-Pacific

Blair is the Queen of the style bloggers (in my opinion) – and this specific outfit is one of the reasons why. A flannel oxford with a tulle skirt? Firstly, I would never think to pair the two and secondly, she also does the layering thing with a chambray shirt underneath. There isn’t much more that I can say about this outfit except that Blair proves that experimenting with textures and casual/formal can work (and work beautifully).

These are just a few ways that you can spruce up your flannel oxfords. Need not forget that wearing just the oxford with some jeans and fun accessories is just as nice!

Are you a flannel lover? Tweet me some interesting ways that you wear your flannel!

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