Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: The Canadian Tuxedo

After my failed attempt at finding the definition of leggings last week, I chose a trend that I knew would absolutely have no place in the dictionary. Instead, I went to Urban Dictionary and found the ‘street’ definition of the Canadian Tuxedo.

Image via Denim Therapy 

Britney and Justin will live forever in my heart as the couple I aspire to be. They were the style icons of their time and complimented each other so well. When they showed up on the red carpet together sporting all denim, I decided that I also needed to find an ensemble like Brit’s (and a handsome date to follow suit).

There are so many ways to wear a Canadian Tuxedo without looking or feeling like you’re committing some sort of fashion crime:

Wear Contrasting Shades

Image via Deminology

Count on the always stylish Alexa Chung to show up wearing a bold trend you’d never try otherwise. She pairs her darker cigarette jeans with a really light denim boyfriend shirt and the contrast almost makes you forget that she is wearing all that denim. Not to mention, the socks and super chic pumps steal the spotlight (oh, and her Mulberry bag).

Add a Splash of Color

Image via Glamorrah

Breaking up a monochromatic outfit with a splash of color will always save the day. If you’re a bit timid about wearing the Canuck tux, try is this way first. A bright belt is always a great way to break up an outfit and the mid-section is also an idyllic place to do so. Adding or modifying other aspects of the outfit are a great way to change it up as well. Leaving the last few buttons undone and tying a knot continues to be a really cute style. In fact, the other day I was wearing a boyfriend shirt that was way to big and ended up running to the washroom midday and tying a knot to try and look a little more chic. I think I nailed it.


Image via Man Repeller

Leandra of Man Repeller uses different textures to layer this look. This makes the Canadian Tuxedo look super chic.

There should never be any rules for fashion. Coco Chanel would never have been iconic if she cared what people thought. I often peruse fashion blogs in search of ways to make certain trends look awesome. Street style is one of the most fascinating sights to see; Bill Cunningham is my hero. Experiment with different pieces in your closet and I’m sure you will find a way to make the denim-on-denim-on denim look divine.