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Defend the Trend: Skulls

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that my obsession with the skull trend continues to get more and more out of control. While I was in Paris, I was beckoned by skulls all over the city and started sneaking purchases so my husband wouldn’t give me any grief.

I did a little searching to find some historical background on skulls. Dia de los muertos (meaning “day of the dead”) is celebrated in Mexico honouring family members who have passed away. Skulls are a symbol of this day and can be seen in food arrangements and decorations.

While goth glamour has been around for decades, it continues to grow more and more mainstream and has even been coined “the happy face of the 2000’s”. The release of the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 2006 saw a large increase in the skull-wearing movement. It was no longer a symbol of death and darkness – it was just cool.

In 2009, Alexander McQueen introduced skulls to the fashion elite. During that summer everyone from Nicole Richie to Johnny Depp were sporting the skull scarves.

Image via Luuux

In fact, House of Harlow 1960‘s A/W jewelry collection encompasses what Nicole calls goth chic. If this isn’t any indication of how much I adore Nicole, I don’t know what is.

Image via Nicole Richie

There is something about the juxtaposition of skulls into my otherwise preppy style that is appealing to me. I like to wear silk blouses and well-tailored pants/skirts but stacking on a whole collection of skull arm candy makes me feel a little different. I also bought myself a pair of Converse-looking sneakers that were studded in the shape of a skull. I saw them in Europe and thought about all the perfect outfits I could pair them with. 

See what I mean about juxtaposing the pretty pink with the scary-looking skulls?

There are only two skull styles that I would personally avoid: excess skulls and obnoxious skulls. I love layering and adding more and more to my outfits everyday but if you’re going to wear skull shoes, for example, don’t wear too much else with skulls all over them. I’m also not a lover of shirts with a really huge skull on it – there is something about that look that is overpowering to me. However, if that is your thing – wear it proud!

Are you a fan of the skulls?


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