Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: Shapewear

“I feel like my [fat] is sticking out so bad right now, I almost always wear [Spanx], but not tonight, and I feel it pushing out, making me look fat.”
– Katy Perry tells Us Magazine

Just so we are all clear – this is what Katy was wearing that night:

Image via Us Weekly

I went out last weekend and bought a pair of Spanx; I had to research where in the city I could find them, which wasn’t particularly difficult. I stood in the hosiery department for a good twenty minutes wide-eyed and incredibly confused. I should add that at this point I was also sweating and anxious because of all the holiday shoppers around me. In any case, I settled on what seemed like a legitimate pair – the packaging read: “whittles the middle, tames the tummy” –  I think that was what I was after.

The package beckoned me from the shopping bag but at this point I was a little scared to open it; would they do anything for me? Would I see crazy different results – most of all, would my body look like Katy Perry’s without Spanx? Later in the week I found the opportunity to wear them; under a pencil skirt to an early morning meeting. At first I felt like I was trying to fit my legs and torso into a pair of jeans that were just too small – then I recognized that the purpose is to suck it all in. Sure, my little pouch was tucked in slightly but the discomfort of wearing them really taked some time to get used to. By midday I felt a little more comfortable but certainly was not keen on spending the entire day in them alas, they were off by 2PM.

So what is it about shapewear that has women crazed?

Here’s where I stop complaining and actually start defending:

You want to look amazing at special events. Isn’t that why almost every celeb you see is wearing shapewear? Naturally, there is a fine line between wanting to achieve perfection and wanting to make your outfit look the best it can! My pencil skirt looked just fine without my Spanx but as soon as I put them on, I did notice a difference and I didn’t think too much about how I looked in the skirt. I’m certainly going to wear my shapewear to all the holiday parties that I plan on attending because I won’t be self-conscious (about my outfit) when eating those extra few bites of cake.

Coco Chanel was against all the corset nonsense and ended up being the most iconic woman in fashion. So listen, if you’re not into shapewear – don’t subject yourself to the discomfort! Personally, I’m happy to have to the option but likely won’t be wearing my Spanx all the time.

Are you a fan of shapewear?

P.S. I know I should start getting some decent photos taken (the selfie-in-the-bathroom photo is just not doing it).

  • Courtney Donahue

    I love Spanx tights! Whether you need shapewear or not, they are just comfortable and make me feel like everything is in the right place. The only downside I have seen is static issues on traditional spanx shapewear with something more snug.

  • Chelsea Keesler

    I have fibromyalgia, so, no, I’m not into shapewear. I can hardly wear skinny jeans, since they “hug” trigger points. I think the idea is fine, as long as the person wearing them has a healthy body image. Otherwise, it’s just another reason not to love the way you look.

  • Georgina Tossé

    “taked”? as the past simple of “take”?

  • Jessica Rozar

    @Georgina, I think it was supposed to be “takes,” being that “s” & “d” are neighbors… Why such the grammar nazzi?

    I like shapewear for those special occasions where I want to feel/look smooth & trim. I find that the little fluff on my tummy makes me self conscious in tight clothes & the support helps me sit taller & more secure.

    • Crystal Sales

      thanks for sticking up for me and my typo :)

  • Kara Colynuck

    Spanx won’t take you from a size 10 to a 3. Impossible! Why would a woman want that anyway? Not eating good, rich, sweet and savoury, taste-tastic food seems like a nightmare to me. I wear Spanx because in this post-baby-makin’, over-30 body I’ve developed, the curves I cherish sometimes appear unflattering (to me, to you, doesn’t matter) and Spanx smoothes them out a little. I personally love the bodysuit style of shapewear because it doesn’t roll when I sit down and I don’t feel like I have to adjust myself all the time. Nothing like walking in to the ladies room and all them girls are skirts up trying to pull, pinch, twist their undie-garments. :)

  • Becky Gilbert

    i’m cool with it either way, but I always felt like “What if I’m wearing Spanx so that a guy will think I’m hot, and then he does, and then we go back to my place and he takes my clothes off, and then is like WTH is that??” lol

  • Sara Amanda

    I am a bridesmaid in a wedding this upcoming New Years. I have been trying my damnedest to not give in to the nattering voice in my head that says I need a bodyshaper. I went to the mall this weekend and a friend bought one, and I really wanted to buy one. She looked so smooth, so perfect, the way we are told to look by society. I pondered and in the end I just couldn’t give in to it because if women are ever going to love their bodies the way they are, bodyshapers are not going to be a part of that. I have noticed when it comes to body love, the best thing to do is hear the voice in your head and do the exact opposite.

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