Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: Oversized Sunglasses

The transition into summer is happening (at least here in Toronto), which means that it’s imperative we have sunglasses to accessorize out on the crowded patios. I remember coming back from a vacation in Florida in 2007 and being bombarded with hate comments on my Facebook photo stream because of a pair of sunglasses that were scorned.

Image via Oliver Peoples

I fell in love with these sunglasses and spent (what I felt) was a fortune buying them. I learned to ignore Facebook comments and decided to spend the rest of the summer sporting the oversized trend with confidence. Every pair of sunnies that I have purchased since then have been nothing but enormous. I have contemplated why I love these accessories so much, which is why I’ve chosen to defend this trend to all of you.

#1 – Bare-Faced Babes

I would like to preface this by saying that I am all about the minimalist-no makeup so this is by no means an attempt at condemning your bare face. The mornings that I leave the gym sweating are those that I am grateful for my sunglasses because my face does not look so awesome. Another time where I’m grateful about sunglasses to hide my face are the dreaded eyebrow wax days. My sensitive skin leaves my eyebrows looking red, blotchy, bumpy – you get it right?

#2 – We Need the UV Protection

You’re right: sunglasses alone will not protect you from the sun however, it is a fact┬áthat sunglasses decrease your risk for eye damage and that wearing them all-year round is a good thing. So, while you may end up with a wicked-awkward tan line if you’re wearing oversized sunglasses, you are still saving a large part of your face from UV damage.

#3 – They’re Simply Awesome Accessories

Whether you’re the type of person who splurges on sunglasses or the type who prefers to spend a maximum of five dollars (for fear of losing them), sunnies are such a fun accessory to have. Consider them the icing on your outfit cake. If I’m hanging out being casual, I like to wear my wayfarers. On the contrary, if I’m wearing a rather fancy outfit, I’ll put on another pair with some glitz and some great hardware.

Lastly, as vain as it sounds, I feel super glam when I’m wearing my huge sunnies; an Audrey Hepburn complex if you will. I hope this trend doesn’t go away anytime soon!


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