Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: One Different Nail Color

Celebrities like Beyoncé and Vanessa Hudgens were the first to be seen rocking the mixed-up mani look subsequently leading to ubiquity.

A few weeks ago I went to get a manicure and brought along a mint polish with me to accompany a pink polish that I chose at the spa. When I told the aesthetician that I wanted to paint one nail with the mint and the others with the pink, she looked at me with great distaste. I was embarrassed: she made me feel that asking for this was something that was publicly frowned upon and that I should really have known better. I left with all ten nails painted the same. A week later I was sitting in a salon in Florida getting my last manicure before my wedding and decided that I wasn’t going to let any employee dictate how I should do my wedding nails. This is what I ended up doing:

Yes, all the nails were the same color however, I decided to legitimately bling out my bling-ring finger. Adding sparkle to the nail that would be the center of attention was the best decision I made (at the salon) because every time I was asked to flash my new wedding band – I had a little extra something on that one nail.

All my favourite blogger girls are doing it and as per usual – they make it look super cool.

That’s me – right now as I sit here writing this article with my latest version of the mixed-mani. As you can see I decided to do all mint and one pink against my manicurist’s advice and guess what – I like it!

Why should you try this trend? Behold! A list of reasons:

1. Color-blocking – It may the case that you are a little timid to try the whole color-blocking trend with your clothing proper, which is why starting off fairly subtle points to your nails. Mixing complimenting colors (bright or not) on your nails isn’t as eye-popping and a perfect opportunity for you to get a feel for the two trends in one shot!

2. It’s fun – Nothing says summer better than trying a fun trend. Sure, we’ve all spent years painting our nails with color but being introduced to a trend specifically dedicated to nails is alluring, non?

3. The most beautiful woman in the world does it – explanation not needed.

Next week I’ll likely go see my manicurist and ask for her to paint my ring finger a different color than the rest and I’ll probably continue participating in this trend until the end of summer when I’ve hopefully come down from cloud nine that is otherwise known as wedded bliss.

Have you tried this trend? Do you love it? Hate it? Tell me!