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Defend the Trend: Mixed Metals

I suppose it’s a commonality for women to follow in the style of their mothers or grandmothers; most often, their influence is the most significant. My mother’s take on jewellery is as follows: you choose gold or you choose silver – you never mix the two. As a young adult, I followed this golden rule to a tee. Years later, I noticed that my mother had a tri color ring like this:

Now this blew my mind – how (and when) did the woman who swore by one metal at a time decide to invest in a ring with not only gold and silver – but rose gold, as well? I left it alone for awhile. Then I noticed her rocking a new timepiece. It was this exact one:

Needless to say, my days of being quiet were over.

I confronted my mom and accused her of being a fraud, of being a hypocrite – fine, I didn’t accuse her of these things, but I asked what the deal was. She explained that if a piece of jewellery is sold with the two (or three) metals, that it was okay to wear. This made no sense to me. I did notice that her new and wild way of accessorizing came subsequent to her separation from my dad, allowing her the freedom from her yellow gold wedding band.

This anecdote has gone a lot longer than I anticipated.

I’m a fan of yellow gold. It could be my Indian roots (I was gifted with many pieces of rich yellow gold as a child). Nonetheless, yellow gold costume jewellery always beckons me and for many years I avoided silver. Then I got engaged and noticed that none of my yellow gold seemed to look decent with my sparkly white gold ring – this was a problem. Suddenly I understood what my mom tried to explain to me those years ago. I found myself scouring my closet for clothes that complimented silver and began wearing my silver watch again.

For the past two years, rose gold has littered its pretty self back onto the pages of fashion magazines – did this mean I needed to make another investment? I didn’t. I wear my rose gold with both yellow and white gold and I think it looks great.

Verdict: matching metals is so 1980 – have fun!

My watch usually dictates the direction the rest of the day’s accessories but I no longer have a problem wearing my wedding band mixed with different colors and metals – heck, I sometimes wear yellow gold rings on the same hand!

What do you think of mixed metals? Yay or nay?


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