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Defend the Trend: Messy Buns

Let me tell you all about my hair: it’s fine, it’s fried, it’s short and the top of my head is thinning way before it’s time. These reasons alone make me weary anytime I have to think about styling my hair. For a long time I relied solely on stylists to blow dry my hair twice a week. I then realized I could not support this habit for the rest of my life (nor could I support an expensive hair extension habit). I learned how to blow dry my own hair and quite like the way that it turns out. Unfortunately, the style lasts for an hour before it gets flat and ratty.

I thought my problems were over when sock bun how-to videos surfaced on the internet. I eagerly found a pair of brown socks (that I may or may not have “borrowed” from my fiancé’s drawer) and cut them just the way the instructional videos proposed. I can’t describe how excited I was that I would have a fantastic new hairstyle that would hide all of my hair woes, so you can imagine my disappointment when it failed miserably. My bun looked like a sad little knot at the top of my head with hints of the sock showing. It was a disaster.

It is for these reasons why I’ve embraced the messy bun.

Every time I think about getting ready for work, I remember the opening scene from The Devil Wears Prada where the most beautiful and stylish girls of New York spend what seems like hours getting ready to look picture perfect for work. However, KT Tunstall is not playing in my head, I don’t have matching lingerie and I never have the time to make sure my hair is perfectly placed. Four out of the five work days, my hair is in a messy bun that takes a record 10 seconds to style. If I want to add a little bit of a nice scent, I’ll put on some dry shampoo and I’ll look and smell like a million bucks.

My mother is the first person to tell me I look unkempt when she sees my hair like that. However, I think that it is both sophisticated and, well… kind of chic. So if you’re not in the mood to blow dry your hair so that every strand is perfect – don’t! Messy buns are fantastic and they will keep your neck cool come summer.

  • Lauren Gui

    Messy buns are the BEST! It’s my to-go hairstyle when I’m running late or having a bad hair day. And I think you’re gorgeous! MESSY BUNS FOREVER <3

  • Amber Wong

    I rock the messy bun on a daily basis….lol! Being a stay at home mom, there’s no time to blow dry and make my hair perfect. Especially when your chasing and cleaning up after kids. I just twist it into a bun and tie it with an elastic. Simple and easy enough. :)

  • Lauren Gui

    Messy buns are the BEST! My hair is fine, wavy and pretty thick, so it gets pretty tiresome dealing with it at times.I know what you mean: it’s my to-go hairstyle when I’m running late or having a bad hair day. And I think you’re gorgeous! :) MESSY BUNS FOREVER <3

  • Lisa Knox

    I could easily have written this! So glad to know I’m not alone. How bout a “how to” for your 10 second technique?

  • Candice MacNeale Lazecky

    All curly-haired girls know that this was a staple well before it got popular! I would never make it through the curly hair days without it:)

  • Rebecca Kennedy

    I’ve recently discovered the messy bun, and I’m in love. It takes no effort, and looks great. So, “I don’t mind that my hair’s messy– that’s how I wanted it to look anyway” kind of thing— stylish bed head for those whose actual bedhead means an afro and a few cowlicks going here there everywhere

  • Cristina Barraza

    Re “borrowing” your fiance’s sock – hilarious! Guilty as charged. Sock bun – 0, messy bun – 1

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