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Defend the Trend: Leggings

I wanted to start this post with an obnoxious excerpt from the dictionary so that it clearly states that leggings are, in fact, pants. There was no such entry in any dictionary I looked at therefore negating any opportunity for me to look intelligent. Alas, leggings are an acceptable form of pants (according to me).

They Appear on the Runway:

Image via Inside Out

If the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Rodarte have their models parading down the runway in leggings and Anna Wintour approves, leggings are pants. It’s understandable that you may have seen women sport leggings in really obscure and tragic ways. This does not mean that you will also fall victim. Studying runway looks is a surefire way to do the right thing and be haute.

They allow for various types of footwear! Have you experienced the disappointment of wanting to wear a favorite pair of jeans tucked into a fantastic pair of boots, only to find out the the pants bulge at the calf, consequently not fitting into the boot? It’s horrifying and unnecessary. You will never have this problem with leggings. They are so unobtrusive and sleek.

Ballet flats are conducive to just about any activity that you have planned since they are so comfy and versatile. An added bonus to this look is that you get to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn – and who could resist that? 

Image via Southern Curls and Pearls

My favorite way to wear leggings is to pair them with my beloved Uggs. I get it, it’s not exactly the most ‘put-together’ look, but it works… gloriously. I recommend checking out various fashion bloggers’ sites and see how many of them spend their Sundays brunching in leggings with Uggs. They are a perfect match. They both promote comfort, they’re both there for you when you need them most and they’re a staple piece that every lady should have in their closet.

Image via Daily Mail

Let’s stop the debate and come to a unanimous conclusion that this garment is legitimate. Tunics have made a huge comeback as a result of the rise in legging-wearers and this is a great thing. Tory Burch thanks you. So go forth and wear those leggings. Wear them to dinner, wear them to work – I dare you to pair them with something fancy enough to wear to a party. Do it! Then tweet me a photo of you rocking this trend that I so desperately needed to defend.

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