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Defend the Trend: Leggings

I wanted to start this post with an obnoxious excerpt from the dictionary so that it clearly states that leggings are, in fact, pants. There was no such entry in any dictionary I looked at therefore negating any opportunity for me to look intelligent. Alas, leggings are an acceptable form of pants (according to me).

They Appear on the Runway:

Image via Inside Out

If the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Rodarte have their models parading down the runway in leggings and Anna Wintour approves, leggings are pants. It’s understandable that you may have seen women sport leggings in really obscure and tragic ways. This does not mean that you will also fall victim. Studying runway looks is a surefire way to do the right thing and be haute.

They allow for various types of footwear! Have you experienced the disappointment of wanting to wear a favorite pair of jeans tucked into a fantastic pair of boots, only to find out the the pants bulge at the calf, consequently not fitting into the boot? It’s horrifying and unnecessary. You will never have this problem with leggings. They are so unobtrusive and sleek.

Ballet flats are conducive to just about any activity that you have planned since they are so comfy and versatile. An added bonus to this look is that you get to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn – and who could resist that? 

Image via Southern Curls and Pearls

My favorite way to wear leggings is to pair them with my beloved Uggs. I get it, it’s not exactly the most ‘put-together’ look, but it works… gloriously. I recommend checking out various fashion bloggers’ sites and see how many of them spend their Sundays brunching in leggings with Uggs. They are a perfect match. They both promote comfort, they’re both there for you when you need them most and they’re a staple piece that every lady should have in their closet.

Image via Daily Mail

Let’s stop the debate and come to a unanimous conclusion that this garment is legitimate. Tunics have made a huge comeback as a result of the rise in legging-wearers and this is a great thing. Tory Burch thanks you. So go forth and wear those leggings. Wear them to dinner, wear them to work – I dare you to pair them with something fancy enough to wear to a party. Do it! Then tweet me a photo of you rocking this trend that I so desperately needed to defend.

  • Chrysanthe Peteros

    This is everything I feel about leggings. Even the leggings + Uggs combo. Job well done.

  • Sara Jean Stotts

    I am fine with leggings… as long as the top one wears is long enough to cover the bum. Otherwise, you are wearing tights as pants, and tightsarenotpants!

    • Ksenia Vassilieva

      Leggings are not tights because tights are see-through and made of primarily nylon. Leggings are opaque and made mostly of cotton. I used to have a problem with leggings as pants until I got over myself and realized that if a girl has a great bum, isn’t showing panty-line and the leggings aren’t stretched to the point of being see-through, she can pull them off.

      My issue is actually leggings with a dress. If the dress is almost hitting your knees, wear tights.

  • Jena Evans-Turnbull

    I agree with all the positives that leggings provide for us fashion-wise, but please everyone, cover your bum, it is never, ever, EVER attractive in leggings I don’t care who you are or what shape your bum is in, leggings do not do anything positive for a bum, so please cover it up!

  • Maggie DesRocher

    I was on board until the Uggs. I’m sorry. I can’t.

    • Sandy Mora


  • Rebecca Lynn

    In fact, I think that only leggings can make Uggs and Ugg-like-boots-from-target (my personal favorite) acceptable.

  • Nicole Carrot Pierson

    I agree with Ms. Stotts! Leggings are great as long as you use a bit of common sense as to what you pair with them. I see far too many gals wearing leggings with shirts that barely meet the top of the waistline! I love my leggings and will continue to wear them no matter what the trend-but I will wear them with a shirt or dress or skirt that covers my lady bits.

  • Erin K Thomasson

    I whole-heartedly agree with the please-cover-thy-bum posters. If you don’t, you might as well be wearing velour sweatpants and a frown.

  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    I LOVE leggings, and I agree with you ladies….ALWAYS cover the derriere with a longer shirt/sweater/short dress/etc…leggings, I believe, can be incredibly sexy when done right! My hubby loves them on me! 😀

  • Rebecca Kennedy

    I used to be unable to wear them with anything but a skirt or dress, and wasn’t a big fan in general. But then I just got over it. I’d start to lose weight and tried them on with just a long t-shirt I had, and I was happy wearing it. It was comfy. I still haven’t reached a point where i can personally wear without a long top, but that’s because I’m self concious of my lower abdomen (rather then my bum) but I agree that some girls can indeed pull it off as they have lovely bums (although I’m not that anti-VPL) it’s just when they wear nearly nothing ontop in the cold irish weather that I’m like “…come on love” or wear ridiculous patterned ones that are a tad too small. And I’m okay with them being worn with dresses– I often wear them during the daytime if I’m going to be in a dress all day — tights get worn out and raggidy easily, and I don’t have the money to be buying replacements, leggings are way more durable! Viva la leggings!

  • Desiree Gaines Jacobs

    I am with you 100% on this one. For one thing, leggings happen to be the most comfortable thing you can throw on in the morning. Let’s be sure to remind ladies that leggings are not pants- so wear something on the top that does some butt covering.
    Long live the legging!

  • Chiara A. Sulze

    I think leggings are acceptable as pants(although not flattering on everyone that’s for sure), but not at work. If you are in a professional setting I don’t think they are generally nice enough to wear as pants. If you can substitute your ‘sweatpants and uggs’ combo for a ‘leggings and uggs’ combo, I think leggings are nowhere near acceptable for work regardless of what shirt your wearing.

  • Sarah Miskelly

    I absolutely love the look of leggings! Drool over them in fashion posts and dream of that morning when I can roll out of bed, throw on some leggings and a cute top and be super trendy at work. Alas, I can’t seem to find a good quality legging out there. Any suggestions?

    • Lindsay Ann

      H&M! All my leggings are from there.

    • Allison Janet Shepherd


  • Lindsay Ann

    I love leggings and always wear them with boots and dresses. In fact, I am currently wearing a dress, cardigan, leggings, and boots and I wore it to work…

  • Georgia Leaker

    leggings, as long as your bum is covered. uggs: NEVER IN PUBLIC! can i please write an informative piece on why uggs are slippers and not suitable for outside wear?

  • Carolyn Toth

    Guys, leggings are a PAIN in the bum! They are like tights in that going to the bathroom is a complete ordeal that requires slowly starting at the knee and working the leggingtights back up to fitting properly. They’re definitely cute but they are wayyy too much trouble.

  • Sara Jean Stotts

    I think I got told. On Hello Giggles! Ha!

  • Kirsten Zoe Hyer

    So I’m a high school Forensics (speech and debate) coach. Last weekend at our tournament, a girl takes the stage. The uniform for tournaments is business professional From the waist up she looks great. Charcoal grey sweater, with floral detail and a nice black top underneath. The sweater curved down the back to cover her butt, but was open to a v at the front. SHE. LOOKED HALF DRESSED. One, if any of my girls came in such a state of undress, I’d send them home to change. Two, if you’re gonna wear leggings as pants… you BEST be wearing something that covers your hooch and your tush. Also, leggings made out of the same material as your nylons… those DEFINITELY are not pants.

  • Lisa Puello

    As long as the girl has the appropriate body type to show off said leggings and they’re not see through (cheaply made.) then leggings as pants or JEGGINGS work. why because its a FREE COUNTRY… atleast from where I’m typing. You see, a bulging gut isn’t attractive to bare in leggings. They do give you butt, and some people commenting could use the help. LOL! And their non-existant butts.

  • Emily Raphael

    I may never part with my maternity leggings. They are even more comfortable than regular leggings. Ain’t no shame.

  • Sarah Hotinger Hernandez

    I don’t want to see leggings disappear into a fashion oblivion but I have to completely agree that I really hate seeing someone’s naked figure in all it’s glory (or shame) while I am trying to enjoy my day. That being said, I want to take the time to say how much I enjoyed this article. We’ve gone on a tangent about our loathing of visible lady lumps and forgotten to give you your due JOB :)

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