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Mary-Ann Spier from The Babysitter’s Club was the character that I most identified with as a child. She made wearing glasses a glamorous thing. Mary-Ann had two pairs of glasses: she had a blue pair and a pink pair. One were her “reading glasses”, while the others were her “daytime glasses”. I decided that if I was going to be a four-eyed child, I, too, needed two pairs of glasses. Upon our departure from the optometrist, I would insist that my parents take me to the closest LensCrafters   to choose my latest accessories. The idea of buying two pairs of glasses for an irresponsible 6-year-old was laughable to everyone around me (including the salesperson). Well, I wasn’t leaving the store unless I had two pairs.

We left the store with two pairs.

In my high school years, I was reluctant to wear my glasses. Naturally, the pretty and popular girls all had perfect vision and could pile on the eyeshadows and liners sans specs. I was in tenth grade in the height of the coloured contact craze; naturally, I begged my parents to get me some. For about a week, I showed up with honey eyes, purple eyes, blue eyes and an enhancement of my hazel eyes – I really did think I was stunning. Not to mention, I was also able to pile on the make-up like the other girls (I now realize that was a detriment – I was not good at putting on any sort of make-up then). What no one knew was that I woke up an extra hour earlier to be able to get the contacts in my eyes because for the love of God, they did not want to stay in. After that week, I gave up on the vanity of contacts and being able to see. I decided that I wouldn’t wear glasses or contacts – I would just be blind. My vision got worse and I was no longer able to read the chalkboard, thus limiting my ability to take adequate notes. I showed up to my final year of high school with some thick-rimmed Prada glasses and was so pleased with my chic new look. (Within two weeks of getting these new glasses, I was in an awful car accident where I wrote off my beautiful SUV and bent the crap out of my frames). I took them back to the optical store, where they managed to bend them back into a decent shape, and continued my journey as a chic gal with glasses.

My Mom influenced my choice in University glasses. She had a very stylish pair of Face à Face frames that no one else had. I, too, chose a beautiful and unique pair of frames that ended up costing a cool $1000. You’ll be happy to know that I have not bent said glasses and they are now my “at home in my pyjamas” frames.

The last pair of glasses that I purchased were a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses that I insisted they turn into reading glasses. It turns out that everyone in Williamsburg also liked that idea.

So here I am (in the above photo) on a date, wearing my glasses as I always do. I don’t go anywhere without them. I can’t see anything otherwise. My wedding is next month and my fiancé keeps asking me if I am going to wear my glasses to the wedding. I think if they weren’t so obnoxious, I probably would, but to please my Mom and him, I should really get on the hunt for contacts (and learn how to put them in).

Ladies, embrace your unfortunate vision. Have fun choosing tons of frames that express you. Honestly, glasses are one of the most fun accessories. There are people that don’t know who I am if I am not wearing them.

On of my social media pals, Michael, does not recognize me if I’m not wearing my glasses. He also makes a point of exclaiming that my specs are my signature. Check out a post he wrote about a party we went to where he took my glasses and made a When in Rome joke! He looks good in them, huh?

I’ll leave you with this, if you see me on the road and I am not wearing my glasses – for your safety, please stay clear of my vehicle.


  • Anonymous

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  • Xing B

    So let me get this straight….you wrote an article about “embracing” your glasses and vision… And yet for your wedding you’re going to wear contacts to “please” your husband and mom? Wow. No comment. First off, it’s one day and no one cares whether you wear glasses or not. Secondly, you are going against the whole concept of the article *you* wrote.

  • Asha Galindo

    When I was 6 or 7 I had my first eye exam and since both my parents wore glasses I assumed I’d need them and preemptively picked out the frames I wanted before my exam. When it was concluded I had 20/20 I was heartbroken. I really wanted those floral print plastic frames. I insisted on getting them anyway, but there was no way my mom could afford them so I went glasses-less, but I didn’t even them. Fast forward to 6th grade and I can’t see the board. By that time I wanted nothing to do with glasses and fought going to the optometrist hard, in the end my mom won out and I was fitted with ugly frames (because there isn’t a lot of choice when you have medi-cal).
    nowadays I love my glasses. I wear contacts when I can afford them, but I love being able to switch. Sometimes either one has it’s uncomfortable moments. I’ve been asked if I’d want to get lasic but I always say never! I would hate to not wear my glasses sometimes. I’d be naked. And I think I look pretty cute in them too.

  • Brittany Evans

    I’ve worn glasses since I was 10. I tried contacts because I played soccer and I was afraid of getting my glasses smashed into my face, but they just bothered me all day long until I took them out. I had the kind that you wear every day, not the disposables, and I gave them up when it was time to replace them. I can’t relate to the rest of this article though… my parents would never have paid for 2 pairs of glasses or several pairs of colored contacts or an SUV (or any car at all) for me. You are freakin spoiled.

  • April Mae Tran-Thomsen

    I very much appreciate your post about glasses :) just a few years ago my spectacled 8 year old niece made me watch Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me, jumping out of her seat, pointing out that Taylor was pretty when she took OFF her glasses. Oy. I had to pull her aside and explain to her that she was beautiful just the way she is. I, on the other hand, have always wanted glasses…which is so odd.

    I absolutely resent the notion that people have to look completely unlike themselves on their wedding day. In order to appease your mother and fiance you must go sans frames?? I had people telling me that it was absurd to wear glasses: what about the pictures!?? Everyone pointed out the pictures. Fortunately, I did not listen! Stay true to yourself, flex the confidence you were without when you were a little girl. My frames are a huge part of me and I love them.

    Here is a photo of me and two friends from my wedding <3

  • Kristy Bryson

    I can understand rationalizing the $1k frames, but I would never spend that money. I’d rather buy several different pairs for infinite variety! Your glasses are a major part of your life! A true committed non-contact lens person will wear them every waking moment of their lives, and some un-waking moments. So, I understand making the best choice that works for you, regardless of price, or at the max of your allotted budget.

    Then…there are those of us who are soooo blind that we require specially-made lenses just to be able to wear the latest fashion frames because otherwise the lenses would be TOO THICK AND HEAVY (think Coke-bottle lenses). Thank goodness for modern lens technology!

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    I have seriously terrible vision and hated wearing glasses as a teenager! However as a “mature” lady I love love love my glasses, all 4 pairs… Ok 5, if you count sunglasses. Luckily I work for an optical lab where this type of hoarding is (almost) affordable! Next Up, super awesome OGI tortoise cat-eyes with white temples! AND for days when my eyes are particularly green, I still have contacts!

  • Karolina Nunes

    When I started to wearing glasses, I thought that it was awesome. But now, all I wish is that I could see perfectly without them.

  • Manuel Ignatius Corral

    Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.

    But grown ass men and select cool boys sure as hell do.

  • Tati Barrionuevo

    I’ ve been wearing glasses since I was 8, it took me 13 years to go and purchase the lovely frames I’m wearing nowadays!

  • Amanda Runner

    I was impressed with the appropriate-ness of the ads on this! Ha hah. I started wearing glasses in highschool… And always insist on two pairs of glasses too!

  • Lori DeFrain

    I have worn glasses since I was in 10th grade. I tried contacts in my twenties but I don’t like putting things in my eyes. When I need to see without my glasses, I usually put them on top of my head so they’re still within reach, because I’ve found that if I put them down somewhere and forget where I put them, no one will help me look for them, and I can’t see distance without them. I now have like two crevices on top of my skull where my glasses have made marks from being on top of my head for so long.

  • Grant Clifford

    I most identified with Becca from Life Goes On growing up. I LOVED her huge, red glasses so much that I made my mom buy me clear glass, red-framed glasses when I was like 11 or 12. At the time my vision was fine, but I wore those things all the time. Loved them to death. I thought I looked so cool. Now, I really need glasses and have a purple pair and a dark, thick-rimmed pair that I love. However, you will find me in contacts 80% of the time so that I can wear whatever pair of sunglasses suits my fancy of the day. ;)

    • Anonymous

      It is because this sugerry is not for everyone.Some people have certain medical conditions that will be affected if they get this sugerry.They risk going legally blind,seeing spots,blurred vision,extreme dry eyes. It is very important to get a few Dr. opinions before making the initial decision.A lot of people make the mistake of just getting the procedure done with out consulting with their physicians to see if it’s right for them. Was this answer helpful?

  • Beckie Hurley

    Try Acuvue Oasys for contacts… Most contacts bother me so I’d just wear my glasses all the time, but those hardly feel like you’re wearing them and don’t dry out my eyes!

  • Jessica Lean Landrau

    They’re the sexiest of all the girls! <3

  • Jamie Barnes

    I’ve worn glasses since I was 5. I got contacts once in high school and wore them maybe twice, they were awful. Glasses are just my thing, and people say I don’t look like myself without them. I went back and forth over whether or not to wear them in my wedding but ultimately decided that everyone that was in attendance would know that I’m a lifelong glasses-wearer and to ditch them would be silly. I did do my best to try and get some that weren’t too thick or geeky like I’d normally prefer (I even found some with pink arms to match my wedding colors). Glasses-wearers unite!

  • Elizabeth O’Connell

    I have had glasses since I was ten and I hate them. I’m an active person and glasses just get in the way. I also think I’m much more attractive without them. Unfortunately I can’t wear contacts because my eyes are too small, the contacts just pop out! Finally, after years of dealing with this, I am getting Lasik eye surgery. I fully expect it to change my life. I can’t wait to go snorkeling in Hawaii this summer sans glasses.

    I think if you can love who you are in glasses that’s great, and if you can’t that’s okay too. Luckily there are several options now for people with poor vision.

  • Chadáe Frank

    I have been wearing reading glasses since I was in highschool, I did not wear them much till my eyes started constantly burning in college while I was on my computer. Now I am a permanent reading glasses user and I love them, I have to wear them at work and I get a ton of compliments on them. (they’re wayfarer shaped and brown onto top fading into clear!). Glasses have always been cool, the perfect vision people just have missed out!

  • Kaylee Roemer

    I started wearing glasses when I was 6. I was the first of anyone in my grade with glasses at first I was pretty cool for that, but inevitably the four eyes jokes started. I managed, but the older kids get the meaner they get. I still can’t stand the questions about me glasses wearing that I continue get 18 years later. Why don’t you wear contacts? You would look some much better without them. I do sometimes find them bothersome. The glare, making sure they are perfectly straight on my face, the fogging up or getting rained on, and my worst not being able to wear cute cheap sunglasses with them. Last summer I tried rocking the trend of just buying sunglasses that fit over my glasses, but that started a whole new level of being made fun of. No matter what anyone says though the glasses aren’t going anywhere.

  • Lauren Zielin

    AMEN sister!! I’ve had four eyes since I was 3. I am also getting married next year and am on the hunt for the perfect pair of “wedding glasses” because i can not, not wear glasses to my wedding. People would not recognize me!

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